Gestational Hypertension To Hellp Overnight

Post On Friday, April 26, 2019 By Jennifer Jolorte Doro

Gestational Hypertension To Hellp Overnight

My son John was due on March 18th but was born on March 5th due to severe signs of liver/kidney failure due to overnight development of HELLP syndrome. 

I was showing signs of gestational hypertension, BP 135-140/90s but no other signs - no headaches, blurred vision or protein in urine. I was being monitored very closely by my OBs which was great. I started taking Labetalol for a few days, blood panel and a ultrasound one morning to check fluid levels. Everything was checking out great until later that afternoon my blood panel returned and my liver/kidney levels were extremely high. My OB texted me, called my husband and demanded I go to the more medical hospital versus the birth center where I had planned. At this point, I still didn't feel any symptoms whatsoever so I drove myself to the hospital as my husband was one his way to meet me from work. 

I was then advised by the Director of Maternal Fetal Medicine that they may need to issue an emergency C section or if they were to induce me I would only have 6-8 hours or else a C section was necessary. Luckily my body had shown signs of labor, at this point I was 39 weeks so I was already 2ish cm dilated and they allowed me to be induced and labor. I was placed on Magnesium and received a catheter. Labor was about 4 -5 hours and my healthy boy came with no issues. 

I'm extremely thankful for my practice and just a bit nervous about my next pregnancy but hoping that since it was later in my pregnancy I will be able to continue that one to term as well.

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