Terrifying Ordeal

Post On Wednesday, June 05, 2019 By Phillip Black

Terrifying Ordeal
My name is Phillip. I am the father of baby allison, and boyfriend of Wendy, the mother. We went in for a routine appointment, just like any other, but found out that pre-eclampsia has set on in just a days time. When the baby was born, Wendy was on magnesium sulfate to prevent seizures. Well when allison came out, Wendy quickly faded and bled badly while the doctor scooped out the placenta. Her blood pressure tanked to 72/57, and I lost all sense of composure, knowing internally that she wouldn't make it. The nurses escorted me and Allison to the NICU, so that I could calm down and take care of Alli, and so they could stabilize Wendy. When they got her stable, they moved her to the ICU, where I was able to visit her. I flat out told her that I had never been more scared of losing anyone in my entire life. I left the ICU a while later and she started bleeding badly again, this time her blood pressure dropping even lower after the doctors scooped a hand sized clot from her uterus. We were in the hospital for five days. And even now, almost a month after release, everything still haunts me. I don't usually share stuff like this, because it just brings everything back to the foreground, but Wendy thought that sharing my story would help me to move past it.
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