I Can Tough it Out

Post On Monday, June 10, 2019 By Kim Moss

I Can Tough it Out

Our 28 year old daughter Sara was 7.5 months along with her 2nd child. Sara had one older daughter who was 7. Sara was going into her OBGYN every week as scheduled but each time there would be a different doctor examining her. We were all concerned that something just wasn't right.(We have 6 children and 17 grandchildren and we are familiar with what an expectant mother looks like.)

1Sara's ankles were so swollen it looked as if her skin would burst and tear open at any moment. She would have a headache and she would go in and they would say that she must be dehydrated and they would administer an IV bag of fluids. Each time the doctors would say that it was just normal pregnancy and she was dehydrated and swollen.Many times they did not even take her blood pressure.

On July 18th we had enjoyed a day out as a family and Sara was feeling fine and getting plenty of fluids.

On the morning of July 19th at approximately 1:00 A.M. Sara had a severe headache and was throwing up. Being the sweetheart that she was and not wanting to bother or "Put anyone out" at that time of the morning, she thought that she would just "tough it out" until later that morning and then go see the doctor and get another IV. We were renting the lower portion of their duplex and at approximately 8:00 a.m. Sara texted my wife asking her to come upstairs. They soon decided to get her to the hospital just 10 minutes away.

My son and I helped her into the car and they headed for the hospital. 19 blocks later my daughter said "Mom, my lips are tingling, I don't know what's happening." At that moment she had a seizure followed by a massive stroke at her brain stem.

My wife stopped immediately and phoned 911. She had seen the ambulance go by the opposite way just a block prior. They got the call and were back to the scene within 2 minutes. They had her at the emergency room within 5 minutes. The emergency room doctor just happened to be her regular physician and he immediately started c-section procedures in the emergency room to deliver the baby. He was successful and a 4 lb 5 oz. baby boy was delivered.

The baby had gone past blue to white from the lack of oxygen. He soon got his color and was put in the NICU.

Sara was kept on life support until the following day as we all prayed and hoped for a miracle.

On July 20th the machines were turned off and Sara passed on. The hospital workers called Owen "our miracle baby" and one nurse confided in us that the doctor had told her that as he was preforming the c-section he herd Sara speak to him saying "Hurry, get him out! Please hurry."

OwenOur little Owen is doing well and is the light of our lives.

Our plea to all expectant mothers (and those who have family or friends that are expecting) please have your own blood pressure cuff and take your pressure several times per day. If you get a headache, please do not try and "tough it out" get yourselves to the hospital immediately. We know at least three expecting women in our area that were saved shortly after Sara's passing because they had heard of her story and they got themselves in right away and their baby's were immediately delivered.

Unfortunately not everyone is aware or heeds the warnings and our local first responder's lost another mother and child just this past month. Education is the key to help save lives.

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    I Can Tough it Out

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