Postpartum Eclampsia 4 Days Postpartum. 1st Pregnancy, Scared To Try Again!!!

Post On Monday, June 24, 2019 By Marissa Cepeda

Postpartum Eclampsia 4 Days Postpartum. 1st Pregnancy, Scared To Try Again!!!
I gave birth Nov.22,2012. I never throughout my 38 weeks of pregnancy had any symptoms of Pre-E, which is what seems rare to me . Anyway, the day I gave birth I could not stop shivering, I was shivering as if It was freezing cold inside (which it was not). I finally gave birth (naturally) and was discharged the day after. Four days after being discharged I had severe swelling on my limbs and genital area, as well as an unbearable headache (which was HBP, but I did not know then), nausea and vomitting. I took a nap thinking that would cure the headache, yet when I woke up at feeding time for my baby, I realized I was so confused and had altered consciousness to the point that I could not get off the bed because my brain was doing other movements with my limbs. After that I do not remember anything and my husband claims that is when I went into seizures. I had continuous seizures and was in the ICU 11 days. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced something similar to the point where you seize and lose consciousness. . . And if so, is there a positive story with a POSITIVE RESULTS on a second pregnancy :(. It’s been 7 years since the episode yet my husband and I are still traumatized and scared to try for another. We really would love another baby we just have so many “what if’s” preventing us from doing so. I would truly appreciate any response or advice/recommendations.
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