Unexpected Induction

Post On Monday, June 24, 2019 By Emily Siemers

Unexpected Induction
My pregnancy was going smoothly. I showed up to my last doctor appointment at 39 weeks and was looking forward to being on the home stretch. My blood pressure was very high but I did not have protein in my urine and no swelling. Women would say how lucky I was that I fit comfortably in my shoes! I had a slight headache which I attributed to not sleeping well. I had my labs done, and was sent home with instructions to call if my condition changed at all. When I got home, my headache got worse to the point where I couldn’t look at lights without being nauseous. I was instructed by my doctor to come in the ER and prepare to have my baby. When we arrived, my lab work had come back showing I had HELLP syndrome. My platelet count was very low and I could need a transfusion. Thankfully I was able make due without one and the doctor proceeded with caution. After 28 hours of labor, contracting an infection halfway through, and having my son turn on his side in my womb-I delivered him. I never had that feeling that something was “off” and honestly if I had not had my appointment when I did, I believe my outcome would have been much worse. My advice is to never hesitate to voice concerns to medical staff, listen to your body and attend all of your appointments even if they seem redundant.
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