Our Christmas Miracle

Post On Monday, December 16, 2019 By Scarlett Grinsted

Our Christmas Miracle

At 31/32 weeks pregnant I started to feel unwell, my head felt fussy. I had swelling and headaches, and I knew it was the start of preeclampsia.

I was showing 2+ protein in my urine, but my bloods hadn’t hit the PCR level of 30 which is what was needed to diagnose preeclampsia. At 33 weeks I went into hospital with high blood pressure. They gave me Nifedipine within 10 minutes my heart rate jumped from 60-180. I was rushed to the delivery suite and told I had an allergic reaction. So they decided to switch to Labetalol instead which seemed to work although I still felt awful and had the worst migraine. I could barely open my eyes.

The next day my BP had improved and my head felt a little better so I was discharged and had to attend the day unit twice a week for check ups. At 34+2 I went into the day unit for a check up. My BP was high despite the medication, but yet again my PCR wasn’t 30 so I was sent home.

Fast forward to 34+4 I knew something was not right. I rang my husband and asked him to take me into hospital to be checked over. I was due to go in the next day but knew something wasn’t right. My husband was going to drop me off but I felt as if I was going to pass out so asked him to come with me.

The midwife took my blood pressure and looked as if she had seen a ghost. She then took me straight to the delivery suite were I was met by a consultant and two other midwives. They took my bloods straight away and inserted a cannula and I was given IV infusion Labetalol.

My BP wasn’t coming down and the phlebotomists called to advise my PCR was 187!

The next thing I heard was a medical team being called to OR for an emergency c section, the midwives informed me that they were preparing for surgery and needed to delivery baby ASAP.
The c Section went well and our gorgeous boy Grayson was delivered at 34+4 weighing 4lb 11.

Due to his gestation he was taken to NICU.
Due to the spinal my BP had come down, and I was monitored for the next 24 hours, it seemed as if everything was returning to normal so I was transferred to the ward.

I felt a lot better and was walking to and from NICU unattended and was expecting to be discharged.

3 days post delivery my BP spiked again but higher than pre delivery so I was taken back to the delivery suite and had to have an IV infusion of Labetalol which had no effect. My BP wasn’t going down. The staff seemed alarmed and didn’t have access to any other BP medication. The consultant informed me that I was at high risk of a dying if they couldn’t stabilise my BP so I needed to be transferred to intensive care. A nurse arrived from intensive care and suggested Grayson should be brought to have a cuddle and a photo.

I was transferred to intensive care whilst on IV infusion Labetalol, GTN and magnesium sulphate to stop me from seizing.

After 24 hours they decided to try oral medication to try stabilize my BP. I was given Enalapril and Amlodopine which kept my BP 160/100 (still high but more stable).

After 2 more days I was transferred back to the delivery suite. I had severe anxiety and was convinced my BP would spike again. I spent another night in the delivery suite where my BP stayed around 160/100 before I was transferred back to the ward again.

Due to my BP, I wasn’t allowed in a side room so I was in a bay with the other mums and babies. My BP went up above 160/100 so panic strikes again. I explained I was climbing the walls with anxiety so went to NICU and spent time with Grayson they rechecked and my BP was normal. I asked to go home NICU. Each day my BP has come down and they’re slowly reducing the medication.

After two weeks Grayson was discharged from NICU and we are both now home counting down until Christmas feeling blessed that we both survived. I wanted to share my story to raise awareness I had onset preeclampsia with my first pregnancy so knew what to look out for.

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