It Was Worth It

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It Was Worth It

For most of my pregnancy I was suffering from Preeclampsia, but no one told me. My midwife never checked my urine and when she did she was like "you're ok."

She was always angry if I called her about my symptoms telling me not to call, and was even more angry when she asked, why I never told her. I was always nauseous from the very first day, constantly feeling drained, dizzy, lightheaded and extremely swollen, I could barely stand.

My manager at work didn't seem to care either, so I was constantly on my feet at work feeling uncomfortable and in pain. My weight gain increased significantly and so fast, I could barely focus. I went on maternity leave a month earlier because I could not stop shaking and every part of my body was so swollen.

My blood pressure was always high throughout my pregnancy. I was finally tested one day (to check on baby not so much me) and discovered my protein level was 3 times higher than it should be and was immediately sent up to the maternity/delivery ward.

They started the procedure to induce me, and tried to put an IV in my hands but could not find a vein in either hand. After 8 attempts, I had 8 deep needle wounds in both arms and hands. They were NOT gentle but extremely ruthless. My blood pressure kept rising and I started to panic.

I was losing vision and migraines kept coming. Several midwives and doctors tried to induce me, using balloon catheter and other forms, nothing worked, in fact, when a doctor tried to place a probe on the baby's head, he went from my pelvis back up in the womb. I believe they scared him! I was checked on every 2 hours and my blood pressure still extremely high.

I was super drowsy and struggled to keep awake. Mu husband was always so worried. Laughing gas for pain did not work but made me ill, IV medication to lower my blood pressure made me shiver, by day 3, i stopped feeling my contractions even though they were recording as intense. I stopped eating and all  attempts to get my son out failed.

I was 39 weeks 2 days, no one had told me I was so unwell for the entire 8 months!

They kept me on bed rest for 36 hours and by then I had had enough, I was miserable, in extreme pain and no one was listening to me.

I was talked out of having a c-section several times but nothing was working and I was getting worse. They then took me in for a c-section to deliver my beautiful little boy. He was extremely healthy. All procedures performed on me were excruciating. Facing surgery and an epidural was horrifying, but bringing my son into the world was totally worth the scar :)

To this day, though it has been 4 months postpartum, I am still experiencing the aftermath of preeclampsia, but I love watching my son grow up so it was worth the wait.

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