Hello, my name is Nicole, i had our baby on January 3, 2004. Alexis Nicole.

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Hello, my name is Nicole, i had our baby on January 3, 2004. Alexis Nicole.
Hello, my name is Nicole, i had our baby on January 3, 2004. Alexis Nicole. Well, i'll start from the beginning i found out that i was pregnant in June of 2003, and I was sick starting from the end of june til about sept. It was terrible, I was working too, so that made it worse. Other than that my pregnancy was normal, my husband is in the USMC and we were stationed in Missouri, so we got orders in DEc to move to NC.. and So we were going to go home to ALAbama to visit for Christmas, so my mom bought me a plane ticket to visit before i knew we were moving, so my husband stayed behind to clean the house, I went to my last doc appt on Dec 16, he told me everything looks good, it was okay to fly, and the baby looked to be about 3 pds.. So i flew out DEc 19, i noticed when i got off the plane my ankles, and feet were severely swollen and i was never swollen my whole pregnancy, so i thought that was odd, but everyone kept saying oh that is normal, so my husband came down dec 22. And my swelling was getting worse, so i called to see if i should go to the emergency room, and the dumb nurse was like well, if you go blind adn dizzy than come in... So whatever i called again they said oh just prop your feet up.. finally the day after new years My husband was taking my pic and my eyes looked to be swollen shut, and he was like hmmm, thats weird, so we went over to my parents house, to go eat and go back home, and my mom said that doesnt look right so she called the doc adn told them that it was worse than it was so i could be seen, so i wait for liek 1 hour in the emergency room, and as we were going up to labor and delivery to be assessed not planning on having the baby i said ha, i will have her tonight and i didnt think that was for real you know just joking around, so the doc took blood and he said depending if it comes back okay or not i will go home, and rest, so i thought hmm, okay i'll leave here soon, and he came back and said oh your blood is really bad, we're going to have to have the baby .. i started cyring and crying... but i went in on thursday night they gave me magnesium sulfate, and pitosin, i had a headache and it hurt .... so than on saturday around 3 in the morning or so thye gave me an epidural and she woke me up at 530 am and said ar eyou ready to have the baby,?? i said okay i was out of it with all the m edicine, so i called my husband, and told him to hurrry up and come i was starting to push, i told him to go home and go to sleep he was so tired, plus my mom and two grandmas wanted to stay the night with me, so onlly 3 allowed, so make it short, pushed her out, 3 pushes, after that they cleaned her let me kiss her, before they brought her to nicu..and my dad got there right after they wisked her away along, with my husband and mother in law..whooo this is turning into a long story..but she was in nicu for 17 days..and i went home liek monday, but still had a terrible heache, (SPinal HEADACHE), i didnt see our beautiful baby til 2 days after i delieverd they wouldnt let me get out of bed..i was so heart broken, but when i saw her i couldnt stay that long, because the machines beeping in there kept trying my headache, so they gave me a bloodpatch they took blood from my arm and injecte dit into my spinal area...that didnt work..so after i checked out monday at 5something in the afternoon, i came right back to the emergency room and was admitted again, because my blood pressure was like 100/106 because of all the pain i was in..they gave me a demerol shot, didtn help, so they gave me another blood patch on WED...and i stil didnt feel relief, until the next morning on thurs....SO i checked out that afternoon, and everyday my husband, family and i would go visit our little bundle of joy until we brought her home, on january 20, 2004.. she weighed 4 pounds..than on feb 15, we brought her up to nc where we are now..and she is about 13 pounds now and just smiling away and doing great.. Thanks for listening to my long story.. i wouldn't regret a minute of what i went through whenever i see her pretty little face and think it was all worth it
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