I was admitted to hospital last thursday with severe acute pre-eclampsia. It began after a

Post On Monday, September 19, 2005 By Erin

I was admitted to hospital last thursday with severe acute pre-eclampsia. It began after a
I was admitted to hospital last thursday with severe acute pre-eclampsia. It began after a week or two of just not feeling right. I was swollen and tired and irritable, and I had vomited a couple of times and I had been seeing stars. I also had not felt much foetal movement for about two weeks. Even though I was convincing myself that everything was fine, something told me that it wasn't. At my last pre-natal check, the baby had measured slightly small for his gestation. He was still within normal range, but I had noticed that his activity had become less obvious. I was not feeling 'kicks' anymore, just gentler movements and I was silently worrying that all was not right. I kept prodding my belly to generate a movement from him but they did not come. This was in contrast to a few weeks earlier, when he would wake up every morning kicking around. He had just stopped doing that, and I also felt that he had stopped growing properly. It was my feeling that everything was just not right. The day before I went into the hospital, I felt a series of very strong movements from the baby. These, I now believe, were his last movements before he died. That afternoon, I was feeling very tired and slept for a few hours. Then I went for a walk with my mother and during that walk I swelled up a lot. When I called the hospital the next morning, they didn't sound too concerned, but asked me to come in anyway. They tested my urine and sat me on the bed to do my blood pressure. It was really high: around 200/160. Then they tried to find a heartbeat on the baby but couldn't. I was starting to panic but still hoping that everything was fine. Soon there were doctors everywhere. They were doing ultrasounds and they couldn't find any movement. By now I was preparing myself for the worst. Because I was so swollen they had to call the anaesthetist to find a vein in my arm, though they didn't tell me why. Once that was done they told me I had lost the baby, and that I was very sick. I was admitted to the labour ward straight away and hooked up to a magnesium drip (to stop me fitting) and a hydralazine drip (to bring down my blood pressure) and a catheter. This is how I stayed for more than 24 hours, all the time being told how sick I was and how I must concentrate on myself. I felt so hopeless being there, unable to move, still with my baby inside me. Later the next day, while I was still in this state, they told me that they would induce me to deliver the baby. They started this at about 1pm on the friday and the baby was born in the Intensive Care Unit about 2pm saturday morning, 10th September 2005. I named him Charlie. Luckily everything in the delivery went well. I had an epidural and it minimized the pain (which was still pretty bad) and I had no stitches or anything. I then spent another three days in hospital recovering. I got to see my baby: he looked like his daddy. His daddy has not seen him yet and will see him tomorrow at the funeral, which will just be the two of us and our baby. I just got out of hospital yesterday. I am feeling much healthier already, even though I have a couple of weeks to recover. I still want answers about this condition, especially to find out how I can stop it happening next time. I do so much want to have another baby. I just don't ever want to go through this again. It is so painful to lose a baby and for the hospital staff not to be able to tell you why. I wish more was being done to raise knowledge about this condition.
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