I have been pregnant five times and happily pregnant again. The baby is due June

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I have been pregnant five times and happily pregnant again. The baby is due June
I have been pregnant five times and happily pregnant again. The baby is due June 1, 2006. The first pregnancy I voluntary aborted. The second pregnancy my husband and I have a beautiful nine year old boy, Gabriel. The third pregnancy we have a beautiful five year old boy, Michael. The fourth pregnancy we lost a beautiful girl, Laura Gene. The fifth pregnancy we have a beautiful one year old girl, Isabella. With the second pregnancy, everything went very well, hence the procceding pregnancies. Gabriel was full term, all natural birth. He was a whopping nine pounds two ounces! With Michael I developed gestational diabetes and high blood pressure, around the fourth or fifth month. At the end the doctors decided to induce. That was totally different from the natural. If I remember correctly the doctors put me and the baby in the hospital about three or four weeks before the due date. I was prescribed bed rest and blood pressure medicine. Oh and a diet for diabetes, which could be controled by diet! Throughout the weeks we were there I laid in bed and took a shower everyday. Watched a few roommates come and go, all for different reasons. But, none matched my reason. Meanwhile, my husband was blessed with a wonderful boss. He was able to stay at home with Gabriel for the three weeks. They came and visited about once a week, because the hospital I was in was about fifty miles away from home. Oh I missed my family sooooo much. I am also blessed to have been a stay at home mom at the time, and now too! On Michael's birthday everything was fine until he started coming out. His heartbeat lowered and within two minutes he was out. The doctors did an emergency c section. He was just a perfect five pounds twelve ounces. Oh we were so happy. Mother and son's and Dad came home healthy! With Laura Gene I was pregnant for about four months and I started with a fever and feeling ill and the doctors took an ultrasound and there was no heartbeat. I was so sad, and the doctors couldn't figure out what had went wrong. With her I had no diagnosis of high blood pressure or gestational diabetes. And then we have Isabella. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. Funny enough with my high blood pressure I really had no signs whatsoever except what the numbers would say. No swelling no kidney problems really, reflexed were fine. I just made the doctors and nurses shake their heads. This time was kind of a repeat of Michael, except I was closer to home, no diabetes (or so my test results picked up). I was in the hospital about four weeks including the healing from the planned c section. She came out at about six pounds two ounces. The planned section reasons were the pressure numbers kept rising, the ultrasound during the amnio showed she had not grown the whole time I was at the hospital. I did get to come home on Thanksgiving though. Again no signs other than what the numbers said. With Isabella I did take an antidepressant and an anxiety medicine. I felt so discouraged sometimes. By this time my husband had changed jobs and couldn't stay home and take care of Gabe and Michael. We depended on family. The time in the hospital was not understanded fully to me because I didn't really feel sick. But I knew the doctors were telling me what to do for our own good. After Michael the doctor asked me if I had planned on having anymore children. I said no so I started taking birthcontrol. But, it seemed to not work after I stopped breast feeding. I'm pregnant again. Now I am going to a new doctor and having my tubes tied. We are all kind of speechless, but happy with all the children. Our kids are so smart and love each other the time in the hospital was definately absolutely worth it. Well, I could go on and on but in short this is my story. Thank you for letting me share. If someone relates or not God Bless.
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