Hello my name is Christina and at the time of my pregnancy March 2004 I

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Hello my name is Christina and at the time of my pregnancy March 2004 I
Hello my name is Christina and at the time of my pregnancy March 2004 I was 31yrs old. As soon as I missed my first period we took a home test. When it was positive we immediately made an appointment with my OBGYN they confirmed I was 7 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I did the little survey on Family medical history. Im normally very healthy and my only on going medical issues have been terrible allergies. So when they found out that my sister and several other family members had diabetes they checked me for it. I didnt have it then but said they would re check me again at 28 weeks. I never developed it. The begging of my pregnancy started out normal. I only had very little morning sickness. It stopped at the end of my 1st trimester. The next few months went on like normal. My first 2 prenatal check ups my blood pressure was a little high. They werent concern because at the time they thought it was contributed to some personal family problems I was having. (My father had just passed away on Jan 26, 2004 very suddenly and unexpectedly from heart failure. I also lost my mother when I was 6 yrs old. So without her here and my dad now gone I dont know if she had preeclampsia with either of me or my other 2 siblings.) On my third visit it was normal so no more concern. At 20 weeks we found out we were having a girl we were very excited, and started looking for nursery themes and other nursery items. At my 28-week prenatal visit they notices that I had some protein +2 in my urine and a little swelling, which they said, was normal. My blood pressure was normal. So they sent me to the lab for another urine test and blood work the Dr. said I may have preeclamsia. I had never heard of it before now. I asked her what it was she said she didnt want to tell me incase I didnt have it since I only had 1 of the symptoms (Protein in my urine). It was a Thursday afternoon. So I check on the Internet to see if I could get some info on it. I found out a little but still didnt understand the full extent of it and all the dangers to me or my baby and was worried but didnt want to get too worked up incase I didnt have it. On Friday afternoon I called the Drs office to see if they had the results yet I didnt want to go the whole weekend not knowing. They didnt and wouldnt until that Tuesday. They called on Tuesday and said I didnt have it. By now my feet were so swollen I wasnt able to wear most of my shoes. I could only wear my tennis shoes and even those were really tight by the end of the day. And staying off my feet only took the swelling down a very little bit. By 30 weeks I could only wear slippers and had to wear them to work. My legs and feet felt like they were going to slit open the skin was so stretched and dry. The Dr. said keep drinking water and rest. (I was not on bed rest.) I wasnt due till Nov 24th the Day before Thanksgiving. I continued my regular routine and Drs visits I still had protein in my Urine about +2 and 3 BH was always normal but my urine flow was decreasing and swelling was increasing my N. P. said everything was fine. On Oct 30 a Sat I had my baby shower My feet were so swollen it hurt to walk and I looked so sick my hands and face were also swollen and I had gained about 6 pounds. I didnt feel well but was told by my Dr. it was normal to just rest since I was only 36
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