My name is Kelly, in January 2003 i found out i was 16 weeks pregnant,

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My name is Kelly, in January 2003 i found out i was 16 weeks pregnant,
My name is Kelly, in January 2003 i found out i was 16 weeks pregnant, from then on i had problemafter problem. To start i have RH Negative blood, i found this out after i had had a major bleed, i lost so much blood my GP told me had miscarried, this is when i found out i was pregnant a week later. O then started to have really bad abdominal pain, but the Nurses and Doctors at my then hospital couldn't find the cause and discharged me from hospitak, this is when i would have been around 20 weks pregnant. Come June 10th 2003, i was rushed into hospital by my community midwife who had said i may have Pre-eclampsia. I was now just over 33 weeks pregnant. I had the heart monitors round my belly tracking the baby's heart which seemed to be fine, i then had a scan which i found out my baby was really small, and had stopped growing. The hospital told me i wound have to stay in hospital until the baby was born now and confirmed that i did have Pre-Eclampsia. 3 days went by and my blood pressure stayed the same at roughly 110/100, until Friday, June 13th 2003. I was up early,no particular reason, but the nurses decided to do my obs, my blood pressure wouldn't read on the electric devices, 2 machines she used and not one of them would read my blood pressure. In the end she got her hand held equipment, which read 140/120. after this it seems very rushed, i know she called delivery straight away and rushed me down. I had 2 surgens come see me, one of which did a scan to see what position my baby was in, she was breech. They told me my baby was going to be delivered as soon as everything was ready, "so be ready for 10.30" one of the surgens said, from then on i was clock watching. 10.30 came and so did the nurses to take me to the operating theatre. I was having my mum in with me, its rare that she cry's, but she was doing this day. They explained to my mum that i would be having an epidural to numb my stomach, but it didn't turn out to plan, i had 2 epidural's and a spinal block of which none of them totally numbed my stomach, but they could't use any more drugs so they said it might be slightly uncomfatable. By this time it was coming up for 12.45pm, after this i can't remember anything apart from not being able to breath, i was looking for the midwife who was with me, to tell her i was out of breathAfter that i can't remember anything, all i know is that i started fitting, i was just lucky i was where i was. they soon had me under GA and had my beautiful daughter out at 13.18 weighing 3lbs 14oz. She was very healthy for 6 weeks premature, but there was another twist, my placenta had formed very differently, and was later put in the British Medical Journal. I don't know the whole facts but from what i figured the unbilical cord had attatched itself to the placenta's membraines, which didn't supply my daughter with what she should have been receiving. I spent 4 days in ITU, on ward for 2 days, and went home leaving my daughter behind, she was in SCBU for 3 and a half weeks altogether. But 27 months down the line she's very healthy, very advanced, and since i have had another child, a little boy who was born natuarally and weighed a very healthy 8lbs 15oz. It goes to show, one bad experiance doesn't account for them all!
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