My husband and I were very surprised to find out that we were pregnant to

Post On Wednesday, November 16, 2005 By Sharon

My husband and I were very surprised to find out that we were pregnant to
My husband and I were very surprised to find out that we were pregnant to begin with. He's a birth control baby. We moved from California to Georgia with the military while I was about 6 or 7 months pregnant. I went to the doctor right before we left and everthing was fine. We moved and got settled so it was about a month before I saw my new doctor. I thought I had gained a lot of weight in those four weeks so he asked me to come back in two weeks to check my weight gain again. In those two weeks I had gain 20 lbs. I was admited to the hospital on Dec. 18 2004 with all the pre-eclamptic symtoms. They thought they had my blood presure under control and wanted to send me home for the Christmas holiday, on bed rest. But the day I was due to leave I went in to premature labor. His heart rate droped after 8 hours of labor and the pulled him out with the forcepts. He was just fine. 6lbs, 4 oz. As they were cleaning us both up I remember my had starting to shake violently. I lifted it, try to force it to stop. I looked up at my husband who had just noticed as he tryed to yell at me. I didn't here his voice. I saw the doctors start to rush and then the lights went out so to speak. I woke up two hours later with him sitting next to me. A few days later I was discharged but ended up back in the hospital for another 2 weeks with a sub-archnoid hemmerage (a bleed in my brain) and my blood pressure had shot up again. That's all been about 10 and 1/2 months ago now. My blood pressure is back under control and the baby is doing great and walking. Provided everything is alright come next summer we're thinking of trying for another one. I have to admit that I'm scared but I want another baby more than anything and as long as my doctors say I'm healthy enough we're going to try.
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