On August 14, 2005 I was sitting in my house with pains I though it

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On August 14, 2005 I was sitting in my house with pains I though it
On August 14, 2005 I was sitting in my house with pains I though it was braxton Hicks contractions because I was 35 weeks pregnant and the pains were not bad and everything that I have read and learned in the classes I was taking was that when you get that close to your due date that you will experience braxton hicks. As time went on I started feeling worse I had diarrhea and I started vomiting at that point I thought it must be something I ate maybe I have food poisoning. My husband and I were a little worried then so we went to the hospital. When I checked in the nurse had me lay down to check for My son's heart beat and she could not find it. At that time I started getting nervous, the nurse had the doctor come in with the ultra sound machine and all I remember is him saying look here this is were the baby's heart beat should be and it is not there I am sorry. I remember screaming and not believing him I just grabbed my husband and he grabbed me and we cried for a while. I ask the doctor what happened and he said most likely the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck and there was nothing that he could do for us tonight that I would have to call sometime the next day to schedule a time so that they could induce my labor. The hospital then gave me a shot for my nausea and then sent my husband and I home with some sleeping pills so that we would get a good nights sleep. I know that my husband drove us home but I cannot remember the drive at all. We got home and by that time it was about 1:00 am on August 15,2005 and within 20 min. I was feeling worse I figured that I must be starting to contract but that was not the case within the next half hour I felt a gosh of blood run down my legs I screamed for my husband and he wrapped my waste in towels and got me back to the hospital. I was bleeding bad all I can remember from that point is bleeding a lot and being in pain. I know that the doctor was trying to get me to deliver naturally but I was loosing to much blood. They finally took me back for a emergency c-section I remember the doctor saying that they may have to do a emergency hysterectomy and I was hysterical all I could think of is I lost my son and now I will never be able to have a child. Well they did the c-section and they were able to save my uterus (thank god). I remember waking up and seeing my son Conner James he was born 8/15/05 at 6:30am and was 4 lbs. 12oz he was the most beautiful baby I ever seen my husband was holding him and handed him to me he looked just like my husband I was amazed. The next thing I know is they had my husband leave the room and they took the baby because I had developed DIC and they had to get me down to the ICU (my kidneys, and liver were shutting down). I had no clue what was going on. I woke up in ICU and my husband was there with my Son and some family members I know that during my time in the ICU I was in and out of it a lot because all that my body was going through all I know for sure is my son is my angel and if it were not for him I would not be here today because I wanted to see him and hold him so badly I kept waking up. I needed to spend as much time as possible with him before they took him because I knew that I would never get to see or hold him again. Well when I was coherent enough to talk to my husband he told me that it was not his umbilical cord that was wrapped around his neck he died of preeclampsia which lead to my placenta splitting from my uterus and when he was born the Nurse had told Jason that he was not dead long. All I could think about is what if I would have got to the hospital earlier that day I could have saved him. I was so upset to find out that it was preeclampsia because I had the signs of it and my doctors did not catch it. Back when I was 5 months pregnant my blood pressure spiked and one of my doctors said that I would have to come back the following week so that they could check my blood pressure because high blood pressure leads to preeclampsia but she was not to worried about it. That same check up my weight had spiked about 11lbs in one month and that is a big weight gain for me because I was only gaining 4lbs tops the first 4 months and my eating habits did not change at all. Well I went back to the doctors office the following week and my blood pressure had come down I was told everything was fine and they sent me home. I did not think anything of it because I just figured the doctors and nurses know what they are doing I did not feel bad and I was always a healthy person. So if they were not worried I was not worried, Every doctors visit after that I complained of swelled feet and hands and I was told by the doctors that is normal that it happens when you get pregnant in the summer time, I explained that it was very uncomfortable and it does not go away they still said that I had nothing to worry about so I never worried about it I just kept my feet up as much as I could because that is what I was told to do. Well After I lost Conner my family started looking up what preeclampsia was and seen that I had the signs of preeclampsia and my doctors did not catch it all they had to do was blood work to see that I had it but my doctors ignored my signs and now as a result I lost my son and almost lost my life. I live everyday knowing that this could have been caught and if it was my son would be alive today. I am sharing my story so that women will be aware of what the signs of preeclampsia are and if there doctors do not catch it you demand for them to check you for it. I would never want something like this to happen to anyone, my husband and I have been telling our story to anyone that will listen to us because we lost our son, and that night my husband almost lost me I had DIC which was caused by having preeclampsia and I am very lucky to be here today I did not realize how close to death I was like I said my son is my angel!!!
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