Even though this condition happen to me 21 years ago, I can close my eyes

Post On Saturday, September 06, 2003 By Julie

Even though this condition happen to me 21 years ago, I can close my eyes
Even though this condition happen to me 21 years ago, I can close my eyes and it seems like yesterday. It was my husband's and my first pregnancy. I was in excellent health. My OB told me I was at a great age to be pregnant. I didn't smoke, drink, but perodically I ate one to many Snicker Bars. I didn't have any morning sickness but I did have intense heartburn throughout the pregnancy. I had never heard of this condition. My OB didn't educate me about this serious, life threatening condition, though he warned me about not handling the litter box! My husband was to take over that duty. Everything was fine, then at about seven months I had trouble getting my wedding ring off. My BP was normal and I just thought the puffy fingers were part of the pregnancy. My weight gain was normal up until eight and a half months, then more symptoms started showing up. I had blurred vision, terrible pain in my upper right rib area, headache, and fatigue. Because I was not educated, I thought I had the flu, for it was December. Still myBP was normal, my urine tested normal and I had a week to go to my due date. Then 4 days before my due date I gained eight pounds, my BP shot up dramatically, and I had a high protein count in my urine. The doctor sent me home to not to eat salted food and stay off my feet. It was Christmas and I was told to come to the hospital on December 26th. I was miserable the 24th and 25th. On the 26th my mother took me to the hospital and I was having visual disturbances and I could not pee anymore. My BP shot way up. I was admitted and put to bedrest and 24 hours later they dedcided to induce labor. I was cathederized, they broke my water and labor started 30 minutes later. I was hooked up to a BP monitor and a fetal monitor was hooked up to my unborn daughter. I had 8 hours of labor, they finally took the cath out and I pushed with all my might and our daughter was born. Healthy and beautiful. Then what happened next I will never forget. Thirty minutes later I was back in my labor room and I developed the worst headache I've ever had. My BP was up to 200/128 and the nurses we're buzzing around me and then my face started twitching and I started seeing sparkly fireworks on the wall and that was it. My husband was pushed to the corner and the nurses yelled for the doctor and I promptly had a seizure. They gave me morphine, mag/sulfate and when I came to I had 4 nurses, and my doctor standing around me. Still, not being educated, I thought I took a nap. My doctor asked me what my name was and why I was there. I thought what a stupid question, then I worried something was wrong with our daughter. She was fine. It was me. I BP was 228/128 at the time of the seizure. I was in the my labor room for the next 5 days with mag/sulfate dripping in my veins to prevent another seizure. I had broken blood vessels in my eyes, nose and I what I can barely rememberIwas so sore. I couldn't even hold my new daughter for 5 days. I ended up seeing a Cardiologist and a Urologist to make sure it wasn't congenital. My BP wouldnt come down so I was put on Lasix and Inderal. I was in the hosptal for 12 days. Right after I woke up from my seizure I asked my doctor what happened and he told me I was playing tricks on them. Boy I felt very patonized. I countinued to see my cardiologist and urologist for I got pregnant 5 months later! I was warned that I may not carry full term for I was still suffering the effects of my eclampsia. But Providence stepped in once more and we had another beautiful girl. Fourteen months later the same nurse broke my water and said she will always remember my case for the rest of her life. Also during my seizure I bite a huge chunk out my tongue for I clamped down before they were able to get a tongue depressor in my mouth. I was scared to death to pregnant again so soon, but I prayed and I think to this day if we hadnt, we would of been a one child family. But life has a way of throwing challenges at you and you just do it. After all this I went in for my 6 week check up with my OB who delivered our daughter and I asked him again why didnt he inform me of this life-threatening condition, he replied, I dont want to scare mom-to-be with too much information, yet he warned me about the litter box!! Needless to say, he had an anetheisiologist in the delivery room when our second daughter was born, but my BP stayed under control and he had me seeing the cardiologist and urologist during my second pregnancy. I do feel a little bitter about the lack of education on this condition, that I received before I had my first child and the lack of explaination after this happened. But you trust your doctor and he assured me this wouldnt happen again with my second pregnancy. It shouldnt of happened with the first! We have two beautiful daughters and reading some of the stories on this site, We feel very fortunate, and saddened for other families. You can believe that my daughters will be totally educated when they start planning their pregnancies, not to scare but to educate. Gratefully, Julie
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