My training as a Nursery Nurse saved my life and that of my baby. As

Post On Friday, February 21, 2003 By Daphne

My training as a Nursery Nurse saved my life and that of my baby. As
My training as a Nursery Nurse saved my life and that of my baby. As part of our two year course, we had to visit a family. Christopher was two years old when I first met him. His mum had developed eclampsia at 30 weeks gestation. She was in a coma for 3 days and didn't even know that Christopher had been delivered until she saw his poloroid photo. I asked what her symptoms had been and all she was aware of was that she had swollen up a little bit in her face. When I was 30 weeks pregnant I noticed that my feet had swollen slightly. My boss at work said I had nothing to worry about and that I should just leave it. I knew that there was something wrong and bought forward my appointment from the Friday to the Tuesday. Jessica had to be delivered on the Thursday as the blood flow to her was just swishing around and not much was actually reaching her! She weighed a very scarey 2lb 4oz. She spent just 6 weeks in Special Care and didn't need any ventilation. If I hadn't gone to the mid-wife when I had then maybe I would have become seriously ill and Jess wouldn't be the very healthy 7 year old she is today. Never miss and ante-natal appointment and always take your urine sample with you! Eclampsia means 'lightening'. Eclampsia isn't supposed to strike twice but it did with me! It was earlier in the pregnancy which isn't meant to happen either! I had to be on bed rest for 4 weeks. Laura was then delivered by emergency C-section at 29 weeks. She weighed 1lb 10oz or 750g! She was in Special Care for 3 months but is now a cheeky and very amusing 4 year old. The girls don't have any health problems now. Laura was meant to have breathing and lung problems but she doesn't do anything by the book and is fine. The only sign that they were born so early is the scars that have on their hands from the blood tests. They love to hear tales of when they were in their 'bayters'.
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