About one month into my pregnancy I started having morning sickness. That morning sickness never

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About one month into my pregnancy I started having morning sickness. That morning sickness never
About one month into my pregnancy I started having morning sickness. That morning sickness never went away. Luckily my pregnancy was closely monitered due to a totally different set of circumstances. I had cervical cancer 10 years ago and the doctor was concerned that my cervix wouldn't hold the baby to term. Because of this, I was having frequent visits to the doctors office and ultra sounds. Every visit to the doctors office would consist of stopping in the bathroom to leave a urine sample. On one visit the nurse said I had "trace" amounts of protien in my urine. My blood pressure was normal (as it was prior to pregnancy)and every other test preformed also was normal. The doctor asked that I stop by the lab and pick up a container. This container was used to collect my urine for a straight 24 hour period. Upon returning to the doctors office 2 days later I was told my protiens were now +2. He explained to me that +5 protiens would probably mean delivering the baby. I was only 27 weeks gestational. My doctor admitted me to the hospital within the hour. This was December 23, 2002. He recommended a special drug called "Cynergis" that was given to the me 2 times within 24 hours. This miracle drug helps the development of the babies lungs (which are still extremely immature at this age). I was hooked up to a blood pressure and baby monitor as well. The goal was to "buy" me and my baby every possible day we could. If I could get to 32 weeks she would have a much better chance. However, my blood pressure started to climb and the scale showed I was quickly gaining weight at aprox. 6 pounds a day. (I had only gained 10 pounds during the first 5 1/2 months). On Christmas Eve morning 2002 I had to start collecting my urine for 24 hours again. By Christmas Day Afternoon my doctor arrived in my hospital room with the news. He gently reminded me that proteins at +5 means delivery. He then said "In the 23 years that I have been doing this I have never had anybody be where you are at....." Huh??? "Your protiens are at +12"! Before I knew it I was told to lay down, relax and the ambulance is on the way. I had to go to a hospital 1 hour away because the hospital I was already in doesn't deliver babies prior to 32 weeks! Did I mention that I live in Upstate NY and we were in the middle of a major snowstorm? The very first thing the doctor asked was if I was experiencing any symptons. I had none. I actually felt terrific. The nurses rushed in and immediatly started to adminster Magnisium through a IV. Apparently this stuff is what kept me from going into seizures and/or coma. I stayed on magnisium for 50 hours. The ambulance arrived and 2 1/2 hours later I was having an emergency c-section. My baby was delivered at 5:42pm Christmas Night. She was 2 lbs 5 oz and was no bigger than a beanie baby teddy bear. I remained in ICU for two days and she remained in NICU for 57 days. Her lungs were strong enough to require only 10 hours on a ventalator. She did have a nose canula up until 2 days prior to her release but did not have to be on oxygen at home. Two blood transfusions, many doctor exams and lots of prayers later our little Miracle Christmas Baby is thriving, meeting her adjusted age milestones and makes my heart smile everyday. The doctors have told me that chances of getting preeclampsia again are pretty slim as long as my next child is with the same father. I have been told that since there is no history of this in either family tree and that my health was normal prior to pregnacny that my body my have had a allergic reaction to my husbands sperm. I don't know much more about the diesease but I am thankful that both myself and my baby are doing very well.
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