I had pre-eclampsia with my daughter when I was 21 years old, at about 6

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I had pre-eclampsia with my daughter when I was 21 years old, at about 6
I had pre-eclampsia with my daughter when I was 21 years old, at about 6 months into the pregnancy my feet swelled up so bad that they cracked, and they bled. My feet looked like two big footballs. It was so embarrassing because people would stare at my feet and legs, some people would even laugh. I was so swollen it hurt to even move. My hands began to swell and crack open between my fingers too. I went in to see my obstetrician not thinking anything about it and when she saw how swollen I had become in a week she admitted me into the hospital. In 1989, they made me sit on a hospital bed in the complete darkness to keep my blood pressure down for three months. I was young and did not think I could die from high blood pressure. Finally, my placenta just couldn't do its work anymore and was dying. I started to bleed profusely and my daughter was born by crash c-section. No one was allowed in the operating room. My mother was a nurse at the hospital and she just didn't tell me that I could die from seizures. She was scared to death. No one told me anything. It was horrible afterwards because my body really stretched out, they don't talk about that part of the disease in pregnancy books.
Fifteen years later I became pregnant again. I didn't know that if you had eclampsia in a first pregnancy that you could get diabetes in the next. I mean, it was fifteen years later. The diabetes started out early in the first trimester. Then the swelling started just a little. Immediately I was checked out for heart problems. I came down with the worst headaches I ever had and had to go to the emergency room. My blood pressure was 190/130. I thought for sure I would lose the baby. But there were many things I think I did this time that helped me. Maybe it is not scientifically proven but it kept my blood pressure in check .
The difference between my two pregnancies, is that in the first one I hardly ate anything at all, this time the doctors were telling me to take calcium and drink lots of milk. I didn't know if I could do it because I never drank milk ever. I drank so much milk, because it was part of my diabetes eating plan. My blood pressure stayed in the 130/80 range instead of spinning out of control. The only bad swelling I ever had was the last two weeks of the pregnancy. I ate lots of good food and only gained 15 pounds my whole pregnancy. My son was born perfectly healthy like my daughter. I had a tubal because I really don't think my body would survive another pregnancy it is just too risky.
Now I am suffering from a fatty liver, six months after my last pregnancy. I think the pregancy was too much on my body.
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