Just this year I had my son in May. I never thought I could get

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Just this year I had my son in May. I never thought I could get
Just this year I had my son in May. I never thought I could get preeclampsia. Hear is my story. I went to work on my usual day, but I had a doctor''s appointment. I went to it not thinking I would have to be induce that same day. I was 37 weeks along, technically that isn''t early, but still I was worried that something could be really wrong.
The reason why my doctor sent me to be induce, (not knowing before), that the horrible swelling in my feet and ankles and my gaining more weight than recommended were signs of this horrible disease. The other symptoms of preeclampsia, I never really had, yeah I had headaches, but they went away...
When I went in my blood pressure was 176/112, and with me having high blood pressure on both sides of the family, I knew that was even high for me.... So I asked my doctor if we could have caught it sooner, and he said from the past visits, you didn''t have an outrageous blood pressure and the swelling in your feet and ankles were ok, but when I had my last appointment, he knew that something was wrong and so he told me to go straight to the labor and delivery unit.
So while waiting for my blood results, I was anxious and sick with worry about how everything was going. The many doctors and nurses I had that first night helped calmed me , but still it was very troubling. My blood pressure continue to get high, but luckliy my son was tolerating and his heart rate was fine, so at that time there was no emergency for me to have a C Section.
So I ended up being in labor for 3 days, because it took awhile for me to get into active labor because I was on all of this medicine.. One to help prevent me from having seziures and then the other drug to help induce contractions.
When I was sent home, my blood pressure''s were fine and the doctor said it looks like everything is back where it needs to be but we will send out Home health and have them check you over. The day after I got home, the nurse checked it and said my blood pressures were 180/103, so she called the doctor and I had to get re admitted. When he came by to explain why, he said most of the time once you have the baby all of the signs of preeclampsia go away but there are a select group of women that the signs don''t clear up right away and the symptoms can last up to 6 weeks after giving birth. Me working in the medical field never thought about the symptoms lasting longer periods of time, I always was taught that once you have your baby that clears up all signs. He said I was one of those women who never had any of the severe symptoms, but I had a severe case of it. So they sent me home 3 days later on blood pressure medicine and I go to see the doctor once a week to make sure everything is ok.
As of now, I feel tons better and my Son Alexander is a healthy baby boy who has his own unique personality. I feel so grateful of my doctors who took care of me and let me know each step of the way what was going on with my medical care and them doing that , help put my mind at ease as much as it could during the trying time.
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