I waited until everything was in place in my life prior to getting pregnant. Our

Post On Wednesday, September 24, 2003 By Shigehiko

I waited until everything was in place in my life prior to getting pregnant. Our
I waited until everything was in place in my life prior to getting pregnant. Our plan was to have a family of 3 children. I was 26 years old when I got pregnant, several months after having a full physical and being pronounced healthy. This is my story. I had the perfect pregnancy, not a moment of morning sickness, no complaints. Early on in the pregnancy there was some excitement while we waited for a ultrasound because the doctor thought we may have a multiple birth. When the ultrasound was performed it was just one large baby. My ultrasound provided a due date of March 28th, which worked perfectly with when I missed my first period. My symptoms started on March 8th, while shopping I suddenly swelled up. My doctor told me it was normal. With each appointment I swelled more. (By my 8th month I had gained 18 pounds) now I was arriving gaining 8 pounds, 10 pounds etc. My doctor would harp at me about eating too much. On my due date I went to the doctor to find out my doctor had gone on a two week vacation leaving me in his partners care. He reviewed my file and BP/urine test, told me I had preeclampsia and sent me home to rest. Several weeks went by and now it was April 9th, my doctor was back and he sent me back to work (I was already two weeks overdue!). I had the extreme headaches that were only relieved by sticking my head under cold running water. dizziness and vomiting daily, My doctor continued with no care. The third week ofApril I thought my water broke and went to the doctor - he said no. Only after I threw a fit did he agree to do an ultrasound. April 21st an ultrasound was performed that shows that there were pockets of fluid and the baby was overdue. April 28th I went for a nonstress test that showed that when the baby moved the heart rate decelerated - but the doctor sent me home. Finally on May 1st I called my regular doctor about the situation and he told me to call a crisis care unit ASAP. I hung up and made the call, they told me to come in. It was a 60 mile drive, which I made alone. I will never forget the doctor examining me reviewing my BP/and urine tests. He pushed againstthe wall and said "honey you are in big trouble". Your lungs are already filling and your brain is swelling. During the last 3 weeks of my pregnancy while I was too sick to eat I put on 65 pounds of water weight. I was admited and went into seizure. They rushed meto the OR because the babys heart rate was also failing. When they got inside they discovered that there was little water left (my water HAD broke on 21st of April). I was cut vertically, then horizontally - my son's head was embedded in my pelvis. I lost most of my blood on the table because my blood pressure was so high. I had a cardiac arrest but was revived. The baby was 100% oxigen dependent, his skin was peeling off because it was do dry. His apgar was 2 at 2 minutes and 2 at 8 minutes. I was moved to recovery where my blood pressure acelerated, I had a stroke and then went into a coma. I woke 5 days later hooked to a ventilator still having seizures. From there I lost my vision from the pressure inside my head. This was recovered after a few days. I was in the hospital for three weeks my recovery took almost a year. My son survived, he actually does quite well. He was 11 pounds 13 ounces and 25 1/2 inches long at birth. My blood pressure never returned to normal. My only residual damage from the stroke is that I can no longer remember series of numbers. I will always have an irregular EKG from the cardiac arrest and a slightly enlarged heart. I was told that because of what happened I had an almost 80% chance of it reoccuring. In addition because of the amount of surgery, I would never make it far into a pregnancy because my uterus would rupture. I had no idea why my first doctor did not take action to handle my situation. He was repramanded by the hospital and sanctions were placed on my by the clinic. I am so grateful that my son and I survived.
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