When I was only 14 I had my frist child Dominique, I came from a

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When I was only 14 I had my frist child Dominique, I came from a
When I was only 14 I had my frist child Dominique, I came from a good home I made one mistake and got pregent and knew I should keep her, my Dr. in Bremerton WA was agenst teenage pregnacy and would make mean coments and discredit my conserns based on my being so young. At the end of my 8th month of pregnacy I started to have alot of sighns of preclampcia, I was so swoolen even my feet had strech marks on them! When my mother demanded me be tested for preclampica my Dr. tould me I was just getting fat and should not eat so much, when my water broke 9 days after my due date we got to the hospital thinking of all the happy memories that were aout to be made! Instead my mother was taken aside and tould I had sever preclampica and was dieing, they could give me I.V. meds for it but I most likely wouldn't make it, had we been even 10 minets later I would have probly died on the way! Through some miracal I made it with a 9lb perfect baby. Strangely my next prgnacy (at age 21 and married to a wonderful man) I again had the same problums we were in Madison WI at the time and I started haveing blinding migrains my new Dr tould me I couldn't get precalmpcia again I did however i had a 10 lb 2oz baby girl and eveything was fine now I am 38 weeks pregnet and again pre-clamptic my Dr (finaly a good one) wants me indused my inserince feels it is not needed, I am hopeing that my last pregnacy will be okay but terifed I used up my luck and have none left to go in again, and come out okay! Why is it my health and maybe now lies in not a Dr.'s hands but a faceless stranger? I hope to give you a postive update soon!
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