The Silent Attacker

Posted On Wednesday, December 10, 2014 By Gretchen

My battle with preeclampsia started just a week ago, literally.  Up until last Monday, I had the fairytale pregnancy: no morning sickness, no lack of energy, no problems whatsoever.  I went into my pregnancy very fit and active-I completed a 200 mile bike ride at 4 months pregnant and ran in a half marathon at 6.5 months and always had great blood pressure and health.  So, finding out that I had a serious medical condition/pregnancy complication was something that neither my husband nor myself were prepared for. About a month ago (beginning of November), I noticed that I had somehow put on quite a bit of... Read More

Twins & beating death

Posted On Sunday, December 07, 2014 By Ashley

I had a normal healthy pregnancy, excited I was having the first set of twins in my family. At the end of my second trimester I was so miserable and uncomfortable (I was only 98 lbs when I got pregnant) that my doctor put me on bed rest. I noticed one of the babies wasn't moving much but all the doctors and ultrasounds showed 2 happy healthy babies but put me on the kick-count. Two nights later my husband takes me to the hospital where they find extremely high BP and I'm about to have a.seizure. For 4 days I'm on constant supervision, magnesium and steroids. On the 5th day I am 32 weeks to the day. I missed my baby shower. Since they cannot stabilize me they take me into emergency... Read More

Preeclampsia after Pregnancy

Posted On Tuesday, December 02, 2014 By Michelle

Even though it has been nine years since my last pregnancy and bout with preeclampsia, I have never truly gotten over the scare of it all. I was lucky, my babies came early, they survived and thrived. I was blessed to have a husband who is a pediatrician and knew that he needed to rush me to my doctor. I am lucky that when I woke up at home, choking on my own saliva and feeling a "zing"- I don't know how else to describe it- I recovered. Please trust your instincts! This is my advise to whoever may read this. Lying in my hospital bed May 31, 2000 with my five pound little man in my arms, I just "didn't feel right." I never once had high blood pressure in my life, usually on the low side... Read More

A Mother's Heart

Posted On Tuesday, December 02, 2014 By Antoinette

This was technically my second pregnancy, I'd lost my first to a miscarriage.  We wanted a baby so badly so every little twinge, spot or cramp made me so scared.  But as it turns out, I was worrying about the wrong things.  I'd been diagnosed with PIH early on in my pregnancy but honestly, I never gave it a second thought.  I figured it was just something that happens with pregnancy and it was no big deal.  Again, I was wrong. At 28 weeks, I'd gone in for a routine check up. I remember sitting in the lobby planning what to make for dinner. I was called back, they took my blood pressure and it was high. It's usually high at first, I was a teacher and they... Read More

My preeclampsia story and how I had it twice.

Posted On Monday, December 01, 2014 By Elizabeth

My story begins with my first pregnancy which was twins. I found out at 3 weeks I was pregnant with twins and was super nervous but excited at the same time. I had a rough half of my pregnancy. I was high risk because I was pregnant with twins and because of my blood type. The first half of my pregnancy I was very sick with nausea and horrible headaches. I also had pregnancy hypertension. At 23 weeks I was at home. My husband was about to leave for work when I had passed out at home. He took me to the hospital and they did blood work, checked my blood pressure and diagnosed me with preeclampsia. I was transferred later that afternoon to a much bigger hospital that could handle the birth... Read More

Preeclampsia at 30 weeks

Posted On Friday, November 21, 2014 By Lara

My story begins the Saturday morning my phone went off saying today I was 30 weeks. I was so excited. I remember thinking I am 30 weeks my baby can live on her own if she had to. Was that a curse that I thought that way or way I just being a paranoid mom to be. No one very tells you the day you find out your pregnant is the day you start to worry about your child for the rest of your life. I had not even met her but I was already so protective of her. From about 20 weeks I started to swell really bad in my legs and hands. My doctor did not seem to be concerned. I was, but I thought well maybe I was just being really sensitive. My mother, mother in law and sister were concerned as well on... Read More

6 weeks early and a survivor

Posted On Monday, November 17, 2014 By Maree

I arrived at my obstetrician's clinic on a Wednesday afternoon after work for a routine check up at 34 weeks in my first pregnancy. I had been feeling a little unwell, but just 'pregnant' I thought - big, uncomfortable, swollen, and perhaps like I had drunk a little too much coffee... I was diagnosed with very high blood pressure and 3+ protein in urea and ultimately with severe pre-eclampsia, despite so far maintaining a regular (albeit low) blood pressure of 90/60, even at my last appointment just two weeks prior. My obstetrician insisted on immediate hospitilisation - a great shock as I had planned on attending yoga after this appointment, and had another three weeks of work left...He... Read More

9 days in January: My birth story

Posted On Saturday, November 15, 2014 By Veronica

Wednesday, January 16, 2013
7:30am Waking up this morning, the only thing out of the ordinary was that my left hand was a little more swollen than normal. I thought it was a little odd that all of the swelling that I was experiencing seemed confined to my left side - my left hand, left foot, left side of my face. However, as fast as these thoughts entered my brain, they were quickly shrugged off as "symptoms of being 30 weeks pregant" (to the day) and/or from lack of sleep. As I got myself ready for our 8am checkup appointment, I randomly thought, "Anita probably has the flu and won't be there." Anita is one of our midwives, and like a... Read More

My Preeclampsia and Nicu story

Posted On Friday, November 14, 2014 By Amber

Well I guess I should start my labor story on Jan 7 2013 at 32w2d. It was a normal work day and I had a dr appt for the start of my 2x weekly NSTs. At the appt my BP was 175/99. Started the NST but couldn't keep baby on monitor. Had a u/s and she was sleeping but "breathing". Rechecked my BP and it was 169/100. Sent straight to hospital direct admitted for 24 hour urine and blood draws. Received the first of 2 steroid shots. Was on continuous fetal monitoring with bathroom privileges.   On Wed morning the first resident told me my levels were high but I could probably be treated as a outpatient. I was excited. Fast forward a few hours and the attending... Read More

Grayson & Necrotizing Enterocolitis. A story of love, loss & hope

Posted On Sunday, November 02, 2014 By laurel

During my pregnancy with my son Grayson, I became very ill. At 34 weeks I was rushed to the hospital for an emergency c-section. The doctor told me I had pre eclampsia as a response to my son's growth restriction. He told me I would have been dead within 48 hours had they not delivered my son. Grayson was born only 2 lbs 14 oz, when he was 7 days old he passed away from Necrotizing Enterocolitis. Here is our story of love, loss, hope, and a very special NICU nurse.

Not understanding pre eclampsia

Posted On Friday, October 24, 2014 By kelly

I found out I had pre eclampsia during my 28 week check up. Midwife noticed my blood pressure was higher than usual, checked my urine and there was protein in it. Her quick thinking got me admitted to our local hospital to be monitored.  My blood pressure went up to 170/120 on day 4 of being in hospital, I was then transferred 45 minutes away to another hospital because the hospital I was in did not take baby's born under 30 weeks in their Scbu. On 29/09/2014 I was told after having an ultra sound that my baby had to be delivered that night by emergency section. The full effect of pre eclampsia set in on the Sunday night to early Monday morning. I was told the day... Read More

My Eclampsia & HELLP Story

Posted On Thursday, October 16, 2014 By Jennifer

My story starts a little bit different than most, you see I had been learning about obstetrics for 2 years prior.  I am an Ob/Gyn resident and I was in my second year when I found out I was pregnant.  I had a completely uneventful pregnancy...until I didn't.  At 33 weeks, my blood pressure was mildly elevated and my doctor was concerned and asked me to modify my work schedule a bit and go visit the MFM.  Knowing a little too much, I called my doctor in tears after my appointment and asked him if I could maybe get steroids "just in case."  So, in the next few days I received my steroid injections and monitored my blood pressure and everything stayed "okay." ... Read More

running from HELLP

Posted On Wednesday, October 15, 2014 By Lindsay

Hope for a normal pregnancy after severe pree

Posted On Tuesday, October 14, 2014 By Amie

I won't go into great detail about my first two pregnancies. Basically I had severe pree with both. Emergency c-sections; first baby born at 36 weeks. Second pregnancy born at 34 weeks, 1.5 week nicu stay. So thankful that my children and I survived but I was feeling down about how the pregnancies went and were cut short. I thought I would never be able to have another baby. 3 years after my 2nd baby I got pregnant with my 3rd. I am happy and so thankful to say I had a 9 lb. 6 oz baby girl delivered c-section at 39 weeks!! No problems NO PREE!!! I took supplements and prayed! There is hope! Never give up and dont let fear take over your life! 

me llamo angelica

Posted On Wednesday, October 08, 2014 By angelica

Hola me llamo Angelica, y quede embarazada en junio del 2012. Fue muy emocionante saber q tenia un bb dentro de mi ♡♡♡  no imagine la alegria q se sentia, mis padres se enteraron y mi papa se molesto ya tenia 7 semanas, bueno y me resondro pero igual me senti mal porq no pense q reaccionaria asi :/,ese dia ala madrugada me dolia el corazon y no.podia respirar y a 1era hora fuimos al.medico, y vi a mi embrioncito :) pero tambien ya tenia presion alta :/ y el dr me dijo q esta mal eso,porq sino no podria continuar con mi embarazo :(. Luego volvi a mi casa, y mi suegra empeoro d su cancer, y mi marido me dejo sola en en mi.embarazo x estar pendiente d su mama :/ y... Read More

My story part 1

Posted On Tuesday, October 07, 2014 By crystal

My story starts 13 years ago: O was 16 and pregnant coming from a big family myself I never saw myself having kids, but there I was 16 and pregnant. Of course being so young, I had my mom's help with going to Dr appointments and helping get ready for what was to come. Around 20 weeks I started to have back pain. When I went to the Dr they said I might have a small bladder infection and sent me on my way. On my next visit, my blood pressure was really high. They stuck me in a dark room and told me to relax for a while. 30 min later, they took my blood pressure again and it only went down a little. My doctor sent me up to labor and delivery. There they started running test and an... Read More

scariest time of my life.

Posted On Saturday, October 04, 2014 By Caitlin

I was twenty years old when I had my first born, my daughter Kylie. I had a reasonably perfect pregnancy with no signs of complications throughout. I went to my ob-gyn on july 26, for my scheduled visit. Still no signs of any problems, she said it was my choice to be induced that night or wait for my water to break seeing as how the next day (July 27) was my due date. I decided to wait, to see if I can go into labor on my own. That night, I felt the worst pain of my life. It felt like I was being continually run over by a semi truck. My vision kept going out, and I started throwing up. Kylie's dad asked if I needed help, and I told him to call someone to come help me. When he went to... Read More

My Little Liam

Posted On Tuesday, September 30, 2014 By Nicole

I am 20 years old and just delivered my first child six weeks ago. Preeclampsia has run in my family for about four generations now. My Great-grandmother, great-aunt, grandmother, aunt, and mother all had it so we expected that it was a possibility for me to get it. I told this to my doctor as soon as i found out i was pregnant. He either didn't record it or didn't remember it. In any case at 22 weeks I went into the ER becasue i had sevear Hypertention and didn't feel my baby for a few hours. I had a blood pressure of 165/115 when I got there, but the hospital that I went to didn't have a maternity ward so didn't think anything of it and sent me home. I tried to call my doctor four... Read More

two fetal death

Posted On Thursday, September 18, 2014 By faith

My name is Faithfulness. I am 27 years old. Here is my story of struggling to be a mother. Life has tortured me to the maximum; I have cried day and night just trying to be a mother. To cut the story short, I first got pregnant when I was 23 years, but at 32 weeks, I remember very well, i had gone just for a checkup and the doctor told me that the baby's heart isn't beating. To me I didn't understand what it met at all, because I thought I was dreaming, but later I was told it was due to preeclampsia. It was my first time to hear such a word but it left me with the pain that I can't explain even if I try. But I thought it won't ever happen to me again, but the second time, it was... Read More

My struggle with pre-eclampsia

Posted On Sunday, September 14, 2014 By Courtney

During my 25 week midwife appointment, my urine sample picked up a trace of protein - not enough to be concerned of she said. My blood pressure pre-pregnancy, lower number around 60-70, at this stage it was 92, once again I was told not high enough. During the upcoming weeks I was suffering my severe headaches, spots in my eyes and awful swelling. I was back and fourth 4/5 sometimes more, to my local day assessment unit to have full blood counts, urine checks and blood pressure checks. It came back that my platelet count in my bloods were very low. I then got diagnosed with thrombocytopenia, although I... Read More

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