Pre-eclampsia, Stillborn, Caylin-May

Posted On Tuesday, January 29, 2013 By Christina

Hi my name is Christina and I want to share my story. Just this past April 2012, my boyfriend, Mark, and I found out we were expecting a baby. Not only were we scared for the reality of being new parents, we were so excited and thrilled to know we will have a little one this year. I'm not in the greatest shape, however, my doctors didn't seem too worried about my pregnancy. I had regular visits every few weeks to check up on the baby and me. I remember the first time my doctor did a sonogram and we heard her heartbeats; to this day I can still hear them. Also keep in mind, I worked at a Starbucks, and actually just got transferred to an even busier location. Working 40 hours a... Read More

Ronan Kane my sweet little angel.....By Jaime Bennett

Posted On Tuesday, January 29, 2013 By Jaime

Well I guess I should start from the beginning: It started when I met my husband, we wanted to plan a baby safely so I went to a baby doctor and had an HSG test done. The results were that I could never get pregnant and well a few stressful months later I received the wonderful news that I was pregnant. My husband and I could not be happier. My husband already had two wonderful sons that I think of as my own and they were very excited as well. We found out that it was a little boy and were very thrilled. I was a baby born early due to preeclampsia, and was very fortunate to survive. I had Ronan through an emergency c-section at 24 weeks of gestation. He lived for 1 month and 9... Read More

Lessons learned from pre-eclampsia and HELLP

Posted On Monday, January 28, 2013 By Laura

Four and a half years ago, my son was born at 31 1/2 weeks, at just over 3 lbs, due to severe pre-eclampsia.  Unfortunately, after delivery, my pre-eclampsia worsened and I developed HELLP post-partum.  Despite the harrowing experience, I count myself very lucky - my son has minor preemie developmental issues, but is otherwise healthy and I recovered after two rounds of mag sulfate, a week in hospital, and a course of beta blockers. A year later, we made a hesitant decision to proceed with a second pregnancy, and luckily the pre-eclampsia did not reoccur.  I took low dose aspirin daily under the recommendation of my doctor during that pregnancy, which worked for me... Read More

jonathan jr

Posted On Thursday, January 24, 2013 By jessica

on January 1st, 2013 at 2 am I woke up with what felt like unbearable heartburn. So I took some tums and tried to go back to bed, but after an hour it was still there. So I woke up my fiance and told him I need to go to the hospital. When I got there, they put me in a room and took my blood pressure. I had already been getting some high blood pressure results from the doctor and was already on blood pressure medication. My blood pressure that morning was 200/130, so they had me lay down and they checked it every 20 minutes. They then took my blood and found I had high liver enzymes and checked my urine, which had high amounts of protein in it. So after 3 hours, they gave me some... Read More

HELLP survival story

Posted On Wednesday, January 16, 2013 By Jana

I was a very active 27 year old and I worked hard throughout my pregnancy as crop adviser.  I walked about 5 miles a day in potato and grain fields.  I felt very good throughout the pregnancy except I had problems with having a lot of braxton hicks contractions.  At 35 weeks I woke up in the night and had incredible abdomen and back pain.  I was hospitalized for 48 hours and the regional hospital almost flew me out to Denver or Colorado Springs where there is a NICU. My liver levels went down and my blood pressure was only moderately high when I was having sever pain so I went home and was on complete bed-rest.  I ended up making two more trips to the hospital and on the second... Read More

One of the Lucky Ones

Posted On Friday, January 11, 2013 By Katie

Hi, my name is Katie and here is my story.  It took my husband and I just over 12 months to conceive after 3 miscarriages.  I was 33 when we started trying and we were getting ready to go through lots of testing to find out why I couldn't sustain a pregnancy.  Finally we fell pregnant and I was able to keep it.  I was ecstatic when I hit 12 weeks and the scan showed a perfect baby comfortably snuggled inside me.   I am a primary school teacher and decided that I felt so good that I would work up until 2 weeks before bub was due (what a mistake that was!).  So fast forward to 33 weeks and I had had a cold for several weeks and was coughing like crazy and felt like I was... Read More

Severe Preeclampsia Almost Killed my Sister-in-Law this week...

Posted On Friday, January 11, 2013 By Tania

On Janurary 2, 2013, Beth had been told by her Co-Worker, Nathan, to go home. She started having difficulty breathing while at work. Shortly thereafter, my brother Jonathan rushed her to a nearby hospital where she underwent all the routine test plus, some. The on-call doctor for the OB that night was called in urgently to inform us that Beth had severe preeclampsia, a life threatening disease that occurs with an at risk pregnancy. ...(Eclampsia is most often characterized by a rapid rise in blood pressure that can lead to seizure, stroke, multiple organ failure and death of the mother and/or baby according to the... Read More

My Story!

Posted On Wednesday, January 09, 2013 By cierra

Hello, My Name Is Breanne. I got pregnant with my son at age 15. I'm 18 now and he is two! I had many problems with my son's health through out my whole pregnancy. The doctors said he had Down Syndrome and that he would have a kidney problem; because of these problems I saw two doctors a month not just one. I also had an Ultrasound each month along with stress tests twice a week. It was December 9th 2010, I went in for my stress test. Well my blood pressure was really high, I was having contractions, and I was dilated to a 2. I was sent to the hospital, who then diagnosed me with preeclampsia. Since I was only thirty five weeks, I was in the hospital till midnight.... Read More

Eclampsia at 29 weeks with my twin girls

Posted On Tuesday, January 08, 2013 By victoria

I found out I was pregnant with non-identical twins at my 12 week scan in February 2011. I had a difficult first 14 weeks with bad nausea but after this I began to feel well and enjoy my pregnancy. At 27 weeks my feet and hands were swelling pretty rapidly, to the point I couldn't fit into my shoes or put my wedding ring on. I went to see my midwife who sent me into hospital to be checked out. My blood pressure was 145/88 (compared to 100/60 at start of my pregnancy) and had all the tests carried out and was let home. This was the first time I heard the word pre-eclampsia and it was explained to me but I was told I didn't have it but was told what to look out for. I... Read More

Pregnancy; Pre-eclampsia; Stillborn

Posted On Sunday, January 06, 2013 By Claire

At 17 years old, about to turn 18, I found out I was pregnant. It was a really tough thing to accept and deal with as we were still living in my partner's mothers house and it wasnt really suitable for a child. I also had always suffered from PCOS, and doctors were always telling me that I would have trouble with fertility. For a whole year I was unprotected because I figured if I was to get pregnant, Id let it happen because my chances were low anyway. Then I was studying and decided Id rather wait until I got some sort of degree and set my life up before thinking about children. The doctor put me on the pill to regulate my hormones and to prevent pregnancy at the same time. Under a... Read More

Our experience with preeclampsia

Posted On Thursday, January 03, 2013 By Shana

I was 29 weeks pregnant when I developed PUPPPS (Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy).  It was basically a rash caused by the pregnancy and according to my Dr. there was no cure except delivery.  I was basically stuck with the constant and painful itch that covered my chest, belly and legs. I was miserable, but thankful my little baby boy was doing great!  Then at 32 weeks I went in for a normal prenatal check up.  The nurse checked my BP and told me to lay down on my left side and she would be back.  Turns out my OB wasn't in that day and I was going to be seeing a nurse practitioner. But to my surprise the... Read More

Miles' Story

Posted On Sunday, December 30, 2012 By Robin

My husband and I decided to start a family in January of 2011. I promptly went off the pill and hoped that I would get pregnant quickly. It took about a year for me to finally get a positive reading, and 4 short weeks after that happened, I found out I was having a miscarriage. That was January 2012. Things werent progressing on their own, so I had a D&C on January 11, 2012. I was devastated and convinced the only thing that would take away the pain was getting pregnant again as soon as possible. So, in April, when we could try again, my... Read More

preeclampsia but still survived

Posted On Wednesday, December 26, 2012 By Ujitha

Hi My wife is pregnant with our 2nd baby with delivery dates on 14th of February 2013 to a baby-boy, but will have planned to deliver by C-section on January due to diabetic problem. Up to today (26-12-2012) our baby is 32 weeks and 6 days. Before about 3 weeks ago, exactly on 7th December she was hospitalized due to high BP(150/100) and high blood sugar(FB-199). Before this day (7-12-2012) two times she visited to our VOG for consultation due to high BP when check at the clinic but above both two times when check with VOGs' presure machine BP was ok. But continuously her UFR result got plus with albumin (I think protein in uria) for since two months back. Also baby... Read More

My preeclampsia history

Posted On Thursday, December 20, 2012 By SANDRA

I was 20 years old and pregnant with my first child, a girl. I was already in maternity. I remember one day as I was walking on the street, my right eye saw black. I had swollen hands and feet. I went from store-to-store to find a shoe that would fit my balloon-like swelling. I found a senior citizen style shoe and walked with that for the next few days. My mom saw me and right away called my doctor. He was preoccupied with the birth of his own daughter. I was told to go see him on Friday. This was Wednesday. I got to his office Friday morning; he took my blood pressure sitting, then laying. I was 23 weeks along and was diagnosed with severe preeclampsia. I was admitted to the hospital... Read More


Posted On Tuesday, December 18, 2012 By Kelley

  I have read many of these stories and am absolutely heart broken. My son Gray was born on August 21, 2011 at 36 weeks. His delivery process began one week before when I noticed that my stomach was very tight...hard as a rock. I was very tired and had pain that would come and go in the upper and right side of my stomach. I drove myself to the hospital twice that week and admitted myself into L&D. My blood pressure was elevated slightly, but they sent me home both times without any other instructions. I felt silly that I had driven myself up to the hospital and there was nothing wrong with me. When I got home that morning from my second trip to the hospital I started feeling... Read More

Preclampsia took my little red boy

Posted On Saturday, December 15, 2012 By Sonia

I just wanted to share my story and see if anyone has experienced the same.  I had a baby boy back in 1999, he is now 13 yrs old.  In January 2011 I found out I was expecting a baby. Everything was fine until my growth scan was done in April and I was told my little girl was too small, but the Dr. assured me that it may be due to the fact that I was small and maybe that's why this baby is small.  Then in early July (about 28 week gestation) I was rushed into the ER with severe abdomen pain, where I was told my little girl no longer had a heartbeat.  The Dr at the ER told me the baby may have been dead for at least a couple of weeks.  I was then sent to a specialist and got a few... Read More

baby boy

Posted On Friday, December 14, 2012 By Alicia

My fiance and I just got back from a Model T Tour in Vermont late Sunday night. We decided to shower and get some sleep because I had a doctors appoint at 9 the next morning. Through out the trip I got really swollen and gained lots of weight. I couldn't understand why, I was eating healthy and didn't really stray from my daily routine. My feet and legs were so swollen and hurt to even walk my fiance would have to help me walk and bring me ice pack after ice pack. When the next morning arrived, we woke up and got ready for what we thought was going to be a quick routine appointment. We got called into the doctors office by the nurse, she took my blood pressure and told me to lay... Read More

Finally adding my voice...

Posted On Wednesday, December 12, 2012 By Sarah

I have spent countless hours on the Preeclampsia Foundation webpage reading and researching, but I have never added my story until now. The further I get from my pregnancies, the less frequently I obsessively mentally rehash my experiences with pre-e, and the more my memories of the ordeal have gradually dulled; considering the trauma at the time of the events, I am thankful for this usually diminishing pain, but then I'll read a piece of news about another woman experiencing this complication and my memories all come rushing back to vividly haunt me for a few more days and I'm right back here checking stats and brushing up on the latest medical findings. In hindsight, I wish I had... Read More

My Survivors

Posted On Monday, December 10, 2012 By Patricia

My two healthy children have wiped my memory nearly clean of the trauma of their two separate births and first months of life. Both my daughters were born entirely too soon--by all standards. Lily was born at 29 weeks, 5 days. Chloe, at 31 weeks. Both were cheated out of ten weeks in the womb--ten cozy, cuddling weeks to grow big, develop strong lungs and you know, finish the whole gestational process like God intended.I would have sold a kidney to experience the last 10 weeks of pregnancy. And my babies, my babies were in no hurry to be born. I never went into labor, never even had a Braxton Hicks nor did I make it to a birthing class. There were no embarrassing... Read More

beautiful baby boy

Posted On Monday, December 10, 2012 By charmaine

Hello- many people don't know much about pre-eclampsia; I didn't until I had it. This is my story. My name is Charmaine Dawkins and I was 17 and he was 22 when we started trying for are first baby together. I am very mature for my age and we decided we were ready. I fell pregnant first time trying. I was shocked because it can take months, but then I realized there was a beautiful baby growing inside of me and we were so happy. Our family and friends were filled with joy as they could see we were so happy.I had horrible morning sickness day and night: I would not be able to keep anything down, but I dealt with it. We had all the normal scans and everything was perfect. On my... Read More

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