Preeclampsia and prematurity force difficult separation

Posted On Thursday, November 01, 2012 By Jennifer

Prior to the birth of my second son, I was aware of prematurity in a general sense. I knew what the word meant. I knew a few friends, family members, and acquaintances who had dealt with the early arrival of an infant. To me, prematurity meant a baby who was probably no more than a month early and who might be slightly smaller than the 6 to 8 pound newborns that I was used to seeing. Prior to the birth of my second son, I was even less aware of preeclampsia. I had heard the word before and even knew of a case or two. I looked it up in my pregnancy book out of curiosity and dismissed it almost immediately. Blood pressure had never been a problem for me before and seizures were... Read More

Hannah's Story

Posted On Monday, October 29, 2012 By Suzanne

I lived in Mississippi at the time of my first pregnancy. I had an OB right out of med school, and by the time I went to my regular appointment at 26 weeks, he didn't play around. He said I had severe preeclampsia, and said he witnessed two women who died of PE during his residency and it wasn't going to happen to me. He put me in an ambulance to Mobile, Alabama, and said that the hospital I was headed to was amazing and they would take great care of my unborn daughter and me. He was right. I owe the staff at the hospital everything for saving my life and the life of my daughter. I was so very sick that my parents and husband were told that the baby and I may... Read More

31 Weeks/28 Weeks

Posted On Tuesday, October 23, 2012 By LaTonya

I have 2 children the 1st I delivered in March of 2004 at 31 weeks with having eclampsia. I never knew of the term and it came out of nowhere, with severe headaches and a seizure. I delivered a healthy 3 lbs 8 oz boy and he was in the hospital from March 18th till April 20th. Now it's 8 yrs down the line and I end up getting preeclampsia again, even though I knew the symptoms I never thought it would get to eclampsia. Blood pressure was through the roof high and the docs found protein in my urine. The docs got it to settle down but it crept back up on me again and I gain 5 lbs overnight, while still in the hospital. Nevertheless I delivered a 2 lb 9 oz at 28 weeks and I'm patiently... Read More

Experienced Preeclampsia

Posted On Friday, October 19, 2012 By Gia

I struggled with getting pregnant with our first child.  We had started trying after I had been on the pill for about 7 years, and finally went off, tried and tried to get pregnant.  Was referred to the fertility clinic to see as to why I was not getting pregnant.  Both my husband and I were tested for any infertility concerns, I was not ovulating they were unsure why.  Therefore we went ahead with having the procedure done for IUI.  I found out I was pregnant about 3 weeks later via blood test.  We were thrilled and beyond excited to be expecting.  As time went on, I was extremely ill throughout my entire pregnancy, never kept anything down, throwing up all day and finishing up... Read More

My Little Miracle....... We Survived Preeclampsia!!!!

Posted On Thursday, October 18, 2012 By Marie

My name is Marie. I first found out I was pregnant in November of 2008. After trying for what seemed like ever my husband at the time and I decided to quite trying. That's when it happened!! I found out that I was about 6 wks along and it was the biggest joy of our lives! I followed every rule in the book for a healthy pregnancy. I quite smoking immediately, I ate right, I followed all my OB's guidelines.      It was late December when I made my first trip to the ER. I noticed I had swelling in my hands and feet, to the point I could not get my wedding rings on. Even my socks were feeling incredibly tight. I was  seen in the regular emergency room and was told I had symptoms... Read More

Lucky baby girl

Posted On Monday, October 15, 2012 By Megan

My name is Megan. I was 21 when I had my baby girl. She was due in March and pregnancy was going great. When I was 30 weeks along I noticed swelling, but thought it was just part of being pregnant. My checkup came and I was diagnosed with severe preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome. That very day I was admitted to the hospital because my blood pressure was high. They checked my urine and the next day my doctor came to see me. She said my protein count was high, but if I stayed on complete bed rest, I could go home along with my prescription of blood pressure medicine and very low sodium diet. So I went home and did everything I was told. A couple days later, I felt bad and decided to check my... Read More

Someone with my story??????

Posted On Sunday, October 14, 2012 By Xiomara

In my 1st pregnancy I had severe preeclampsia at 34 weeks, I had had a c-section. I was on the verge of death by negligence, basically because of my doctors. When I was in the... Read More

Netaniah's birth

Posted On Tuesday, October 09, 2012 By Gladys Motlalepula

First of all, I would like to thank you for giving us this platform. I am also an Eclampsia survivor and would like to join an organisation that will help spread awareness of this disease.I'm in Botswana and a new mom to a 3 month old adorable girl, Netaniah Jeslyn Lebogang (Tswana for give thanks to the Lord). My case was quiet severe as I was still pregnant when it occurred.When I reached 36 weeks, my gynecologist removed the McDonalds stitch he had put on me @ 16 weeks. 3 days later, I woke up with this headache I have never experienced b4 in my life. My mother asked me to call my brother to come and take me to the hospital but upon picking up the phone to... Read More

lost my baby due to PET at 26 weeks

Posted On Saturday, October 06, 2012 By Rama

Dunno where to start from. This was our first baby, and we were both excited and happy. At week 20, the doctor came to say that my OS was incompetent, so he put stitches and I was on complete bed rest. By then I had some swelling in my hands and puffiness of the face (esp nose). Rest all things were normal. Even the thyroid test was normal. At week 26, when I went to the doctor for a routine check, he found my face swollen, but no swelling in my legs and no protein in urine. My BP was 110/80. Baby was doing very well and I could feel every activity in my womb. The doctor just told me to get my BP checked after 2 days. After 2 days my BP went as high as 160/100. So he... Read More

Noah James

Posted On Wednesday, October 03, 2012 By Jerri Marie

On the morning of August 21, 2012 I woke up at 3am with the worst headache I have ever had in my entire life. I had headaches throughout my pregnancy but this was like no other I had ever experienced. My boyfriend was on nightshift so I laid in bed with a bag of frozen peas on my face until he came home at 9am. I had taken some tylenol but nothing was touching it. He suggested I lay on the couch, relax and wait for my doctors appointment that day, which was at 3.45pm. Feeling absolutly terrible I called my doctor to see if she could get me in sooner because I just wanted to sleep all day. She said no she was booked tight so just wait for my appointment. At about 1030 the headache was so... Read More

Cooper's Story

Posted On Thursday, September 27, 2012 By Nicole

In December of 2005, I was enormously pregnant and going into my eighth month with our son, Cooper.   Things were progressing normally until I was about 32 weeks and got a nasty winter cold.  I am your typical Texas allergy sufferer that lives on Claritin 90% of the year and that wasnt working anymore so I switched to the hard stuff - Sudafed.  Now anyone with high blood pressure knows that Sudafed is a big no-no and I do now as well.  At my doctor appointment that week I sat in the waiting room for what felt like forever.  Mentally thinking of all the projects on my desk at work that I needed to wrap up, what we were missing from the nursery and upcoming baby... Read More

The Story of Coopers Arrival

Posted On Thursday, September 27, 2012 By Kristen

I had severe edema (swelling) beginning around 32 weeks in my pregnancy. I was sent to radiology to check for clots in my legs. I was so swollen that my shoes didnt fit and the loosest of socks cut off my circulation. The doctor put me on bed-rest at 34 weeks for pregnancy induced hypertension. I was sent to the hospital twice a week at that point for non-stress tests.Bed-rest to me involved staying at home taking care of daily household duties but not necessarily confined to the bed. Throughout that time, however, I was lucky to have Church members bring me meals and took an early maternity leave from school with no planned lessons. Even though I was on bed-rest, I still... Read More

Plans to prosper and not to harm...

Posted On Tuesday, September 25, 2012 By Loren

My daughter, Summer Lynn was born February 26, 2010. A beautiful red head with bright blue eyes. She is now 2 and a half. Her father and I are blessed by her daily. Her journey getting here was not as blissful. I came to my OB/GYN unaware of the reason behind my frequent headaches and inability to wear my tennis shoes. My OB/GYN told me that I had preeclampsia and must be put on bed rest. For my family at that time this was not anywhere near something we could handle financially. But I did as I was told. After a month of bed rest nothing changed and only became worse ending in ecclampsia. I was induced. After 36 hours of labor I decided to finally get an epidural. The epidural... Read More

Loss of my baby girl

Posted On Wednesday, September 19, 2012 By Sibusiso

I discovered I had hypertension when I was pregnant on my first visit to Ob/Gyn, I was already 14 weeks pregnant. Then my blood pressure was 140/90. I knew nothing about blood pressure and pregnancy and I was not on any hypertension medication. Just because I was feeling fine, I just thought everything was okay. As the pregnancy was progressing at 26 weeks my feet suddenly started swelling. A part of me knew something was wrong but on the other hand I was on denial telling myself everything was okay. On the 27th week I went to see the Ob/Gyn and my blood pressure was 160/110. I was admitted to the hospital for bed rest where the baby was being monitored and she was okay, I could feel her... Read More

Delivery at 34 weeks with my daughter, considering trying to conceive again....

Posted On Tuesday, September 18, 2012 By Melissa

Having had type 1 diabetes for 17 years my pregnancy was high risk from the start. Things just seemed to go from bad to worse. At 20 weeks my cervix started shortening, and at 29 weeks I was hospitalized for preterm labor, and then on bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy. Everything was fine and the bed rest was working, I went in on a Friday for my bi weekly non-stress test at 34 weeks, my blood pressure was a bit high so to be on the safe side I took a urine test for protein and came back at +4 which mean I had excessive protein in my urine. The doctor came back to tell me I would deliver that day. I was sent right over to Labor and Delivery and put on pitocin and mag. Well of... Read More

One Long Week, and the Birthing of Our Baby

Posted On Tuesday, September 18, 2012 By Bianca

Written by my husband Justin. August 15, 2012 Original story (with more pictures) here. My mom recently described my wife as the most happy pregnant girl shed ever met. And she was right. For seven months, Bianca... Read More

My beautiful angel

Posted On Tuesday, September 11, 2012 By Judi

My beautiful angel

Gavins Birth

Posted On Monday, September 10, 2012 By Lori

Hi my name is Lori. My and I husband tried for months to have a baby. After a couple of pregnancy tests, one came out positive! I couldn't believe it: I took two just to make sure. Then we went to the doctor's and was told that we were having a baby!! We were so happy! My pregnancy was pretty normal, though I did end up having gestational diabetes. In the middle of my pregnancy, I got really bad headaches and started seeing spots, so went to my doctor.. They told me there must be something wrong with my brain for me to go to an eye doctor. So I went... Nothing was wrong. Headaches went away but at times I still saw spots. Months went on; I did have some swelling in my right foot... Read More

Livia Angelica

Posted On Tuesday, August 21, 2012 By Stephanie

We found out we were pregnant on October 6, 2012, my wedding anniversary. Even with the surprise I was mentally prepared this time. However, I was constantly worried about preeclampsia reoccurring. I was seen in a high risk pregnancy clinic and my doctor was so concerned about the preeclampsia but I was in denial that I would get it again because I felt like I was doing things different. But the truth was I was already at risk since I had it in a previous pregnancy at 23 weeks. When I made my 24th week without any symptoms I felt blessed. Then at 31 weeks pregnant my pressure went up. By the time we got to the hospital it was 181/102. I was rushed through triage. I met with so many... Read More


Posted On Tuesday, August 21, 2012 By Stephanie

Emmalynn was a surprise and honestly I was not mentally prepared to be pregnant. But losing her changed the way I felt. I was 5 months pregnant and i felt sick, pain in my abdomen. My doctor was away on vacation so I decided to go to labor and delivery. As they checked my vitals they were shocked to find my pressure high. This was also the first time I noticed the swelling and the first time I heard the term "preeclampsia." I was rushed to another hospital where they handled high risk pregnancies. I was not prepared what I told next. They said that the baby was weak and she wasnt moving much, that there was a possibility we would need to deliver because my condition was also getting... Read More

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