Preeclampsia at 30 weeks

Posted On Wednesday, October 28, 2015 By Sarah

It took my husband and I two years and three early losses to finally get a pregnancy to stick.  Thankfully the first half was uneventful, but by 24 weeks my midwife noticed my fundal height was measuring short.  Ultrasounds revealed that the baby was measuring behind by a couple of weeks.  Small babies run in my family, but I started googling SGA and IUGR, and through IUGR discovered preeclampsia.  My blood pressure, always on the low end (105/65 at the first prenatal appointment), was creeping up throughout the pregnancy, rather than dropping like it was supposed to around 20 weeks.  I started to think that this would probably happen... Read More

PE in second pregnancy causes suspicion over first.

Posted On Monday, October 26, 2015 By Janine

in 2011 I had a wonderful, simple first pregnancy. At 38 weeks my BP elevated slightly and rather than show concern I was induced and had a simple 4 hour labour. Having had a history of mild Hypertension prior to pregnancy, not much more was thought of it and the BP never quite returned to normal before 7 months later when I got pregnant with number 2. 29 weeks again of simple and uneventful pregnancy came to an abrupt end when my Dr called saying my BP was a little high and I should visit the Women's Assessment Unit for a brief check. I stopped by and after several BP checks and protein checks and several hours a decision was made that I had PE and would not be discharged until after... Read More

Just Like Missing the Prom: My HELLP Experience

Posted On Monday, September 28, 2015 By melissa

Many women, when they reach the sixth month of pregnancy, start to think about the “essentials” they need to get prepared: what will the nursery look like? Do I have enough clothes? Disposable or cloth diapers might be questioned. And of course, the unmistaken fear that the hospital bag won’t be packed on time. My mind was most definitely on my “hospital bag” in this, my second pregnancy because the check list this pregnancy is much different than the last time. I am not worried about the baby’s coming-home gown, a breast pump, comfortable PJs, or slippers---I have one article of clothing on my mind and that is all I believed I needed… A PROM DRESS. Yes, you... Read More

Preeclampsia survival

Posted On Saturday, September 19, 2015 By Rashel Masters

I was pregnant for 35 weeks when my blood pressure spiked.  I had never had blood pressure or cardiovascular issues before.  My O/B told me to get a blood pressure monitor.  I bought an Omron and monitored my pressure at home.  The O/B had me do a 24 hour urine collection to test for protein. The analysis came out borderline.  I kept monitoring my pressure until the following Friday when I was 36 weeks pregnant.  That was January 23, 2015. I went to my O/B for a normal check up that morning.  They measured my pressure and it was high.  My O/B decided to reschedule my upcoming ultrasound... Read More

3 Times Blessed

Posted On Sunday, September 13, 2015 By Louanne

My first pregnancy was difficult as I was sick from day one till the day I delivered. At 36 weeks, I woke up with a headache like I have never had. I called the doctor and saw him that afternoon. I was spilling protein in my urine, my BP was 220/150 and my hands were swollen. They sent me directly to the hospital and I was there for a month as my baby was very tiny. Due to fetal distress, she was delivered at 40 weeks by emerg c-section. She weighed 5 lbs, 4 oz but was fine. I continued to have bp issues but was put on meds to control it. After losing 50 lbs my bp came down, and I got pregnant again. No issues other than at 38 weeks I started having contractions, so she was... Read More

Pre-eclampsia and my crazy last 4 days of pregnancy

Posted On Thursday, September 10, 2015 By Ali

My first (and only so far) pregnancy was "interesting" to say the least. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and was very careful to monitor my blood sugar as directed, and never had an issue with my sugar being "out of bounds" - unless I ate restaurant italian food, so I just avoided that. My blood pressure was picture perfect at every appointment. Late in my third trimester, my daughter was big, and I was so short. I spent a lot of time in physical therapy trying to realign my pelvis which she kept moving out of whack! "Just a few more weeks" I kept saying to myself. My 41st week mark came and went. I was starting to get restless (and a little hostile!). They ordered an ultrasound... Read More

Hope for baby hunter

Posted On Friday, September 04, 2015 By Natasha Robinson

Today I received news that a dear friend of mine Bethany who is expecting a baby boy named Hunter in November was diagnosed with severe Preeclampsia. She's 30 weeks pregnant but the baby is measuring at 25 weeks. He's not growing at a normal rate and he's having trouble receiving oxygen. Bethany was told tonight that no soon to be mother ever wants to hear she will have to give birth to her precious baby boy Hunter very prematurely they have scheduled her for a c-section this weekend. Knowing Hunter is gonna have to fight for his life outside of the womb on behalf of my friend Bethany I would like to ask for many many prayers. My heart weighs very heavy for her. Knowing what she's up... Read More

Karin's Story- HELLP

Posted On Monday, August 31, 2015 By Karin

I remember looking through your stories when I was 35 weeks pregnant, and getting myself all worked up thinking my severe headache was a sign of Preeclampsia. Turns out, that was one case where Dr. Google was actually helpful. So, I thought I would add my story, in hopes that someone frantically googling symptoms finds it helpful as well. Last year around this time I was 35 weeks pregnant. My pregnancy had been pretty textbook up until this point. I had been seeing a midwife, taking my prenatals, getting regular exercise, and gaining just the right amount of weight. My midwife used to end each appointment by saying "Everything looks beautiful, see you in a few weeks." In my third... Read More


Posted On Thursday, August 27, 2015 By Luiremar

En el año 2012 quede embarazada, aun recuerdo como si fue ayer cuando nos confirmaron la noticia, tenia tanta ilusion era mi primer hijo, lamentablemente al tercer mes de empece a hinchar y mi medico tratante me decia que era normal que guardara reposo, a la semana 27 recuerdo era  sabado 2 de marzo, me comenzo a dolor el estomago yo pensaba q eran gases pero llego un momento en que no aguanba el dolor, cuando me llevan al medico, le dicen a mi esposo que tengo la tension muy alta y que me tienen que hospitalizar, al cabo de unas horas empece a convulsionar, como el hospital donde me llevaron no reunia las condisiones para intervenirme,ya que el... Read More

My birth story

Posted On Wednesday, August 12, 2015 By Ushma

In June 2013, we found out I was pregnant and we were ecstatic! We had no idea it would happen so fast and felt truly blessed. My pregnancy was quite typical – I experienced the usual symptoms such as morning sickness, heartburn, fatigue. Every appointment, I would walk in with a long list of questions for my doctor. As a health services researcher, I knew I should speak up and ask questions…but it was now more important than ever. The doctors and nurses all said it was normal…the doctors weren’t worried and for the most part, neither was I.... Read More

my experience with eclamsia

Posted On Thursday, August 06, 2015 By Rachel

Almost a year ago I woke up in hospital to find that my baby had been born. I had, and still have, no memory the day she was born, or indeed the few days following.  I had three eclamptic seizures at 31 weeks pregnant. Hind sight is wonderful, but sometimes i do feel immense grief at the fact that none of my symptoms were picked up until it was too late.  I had had a normal and healthy pregnancy, traveled overseas and had low blood pressure throughout. At 29 weeks my blood pressure started to increase, and over the next two weeks more and more symptoms began to appear. ... Read More

my story angie

Posted On Tuesday, August 04, 2015 By angelie

Currently I'm in a hospital just being diagnosed with HELLP syndrome. It causes my kidney to stop functioning. Just worried about my condition. It's been days, but still no development... Can you help me please... What can I do to stimulate my kidneys to work again?

my PE story

Posted On Friday, July 31, 2015 By ruth

I had had a rough first trimester with lots of nausea, then at 15 weeks discovered my partner had been unfaithful a few years back - a really difficult time emotionally, just when I started to feel well physically. We worked through things with counseling, but I was still feeling very down a lot of the time. By 28 weeks I was having visual aural migraines every few days, which was unusual for me, but I had had them in pre-pregancy around period time and had also had one at 6 weeks. My BP was normal and I had no proteinuria so I just assumed migraines were hormonal. By 30 weeks I was feeling tired and 'spaced out' a lot, but thought was just late pregnancy... Read More

Janah Esther

Posted On Thursday, July 30, 2015 By ANA

2 de abril del 2014, Fui a mi cita de rutina, mis pies estaban hinchados no podía calzar zapatos, mis manos y cara estaban hinchados, había subido de peso 20 libras en un mes, tenia 33 semanas de embarazo, y la doctora no podía creer lo que estaba pasando la presión estaba alta, yo no sentía ninguna anomalía en ese momento, siempre tuve la presión mas baja que alta en todos mis chequeo, de inmediato me envió al hospital, cuando llegue la presión estaba mas alta, y me diagnosticaron preeclamsia severa, me pusieron cualquier cantidad de medicamentos para poder controlar la presión y poder suministrarme los inyectores que madurarían los pulmones de mi bebe, lograron mantenerme en... Read More

Vivir, despues de mi pesadilla...

Posted On Thursday, July 30, 2015 By Rocio

Hola, mi nombre es Rocío, vivo en Canelones, Uruguay. Y esta es mi historia... en 2014 quede embarazada de mi primer hijo, el cual fue buscado por 9 ardos meses,luego de recibir la enorme noticia, siempre se me hicieron los controles rutinarios, mi embarazo fue hermoso,feliz sin ningún tipo de riesgos.Hasta las 36+4 semanas, un sábado corriente a las 9 am tenia mi cita con gine para control cómo siempre, por algún motivo del mundo ese día me acompañó mi madre,se sentía un aire extraño, como si supiera q ese día iba a conocer a mi bebe.Llegamos a la consulta y mientras hablaba con mi doc,la enfermera me tomaba la presión, al finalizar, se le acercó al doc y le susurro en... Read More

God Saved Us

Posted On Thursday, July 30, 2015 By kaleigh

March 25th 2015 I gave birth to my beautiful daughter. She was born at 36 weeks, weighing 5 lbs and 17 1/2 inches long. Her original due date was April 16th 2015. It was the best and worst day of my life. I had a very easy pregnancy from the start. I never had morning sickness, mood swings, or high blood pressure. I had a very happy pregnancy. On March 25th 2015 I went to my regular 36 week doctor appointment. My blood pressure was 140/ 80 so my midwife went ahead and sent me over to triage at OU children's... Read More

Kelly's story

Posted On Monday, July 27, 2015 By kelly

My name is Kelly Warren and I'm from Thomas Co., Ga. I am 20 years old and I had preeclampsia during my pregnancy too. I had high blood pressure problems, swelling all over, tremendous weight gain, and protein in my urine. I was very sick. I would get dizzy from standing to long, and my feet would swell so big after standing for so long as well. Nobody in my family believed that I really was sick and didn't feel good, until I was hospitalized for 3 months before I delivered my baby boy. I fainted a few times in the hospital as I was going to get some test done for the protein count in my urine. It was the most scariest time in my life. My due date was originally... Read More

Severe early onset preeclampsia and my little girl was born at 25 weeks 2 days

Posted On Wednesday, July 22, 2015 By Vicky

We conceived in 2011 with delivery date being 15th May 2012. I was so excited to be pregnant. I knew I was pregnant when I was on holiday in Turkey with a friend and my period had not arrived. I did not particularly feel sick. When it came to about 10 weeks in pregnancy, I was getting a lot of fatigue. I stopped traveling a big distance to my partner, he did the commute to me. He took the pets. The fatigue starting affecting the housework. I was surrounded by all undone housework. I was also losing friends, as they were getting fed up with me, as I was not meeting them in town to go for a meal, as I was either late or still at home, asleep. They were not good friends, were... Read More

Como seguir

Posted On Monday, July 20, 2015 By Micaela

Tengo 29 años, estoy embarazada de mi segundo hijo/a. Mi relacion con la preeclampsia y hellp comenzo con mi primer embarazo. Nunca me imagine todo lo que vivi en el final del mismo, crei que nunca alguien podia vivir semejante experiencia en un momento tan magico como convertirse en mama por primera vez. Mi diagnostico gracias a dios llego tarde, en la semana 36 comenze con unos dolores en la parte superior de la panza, muy intensos. Fui a la clinica a controlarme, y me dijeron que solo era algo estomacal, y que tenia una infeccion urinaria, algo que para una embarazada es bastante normal. Me mandaron de nuevo a mi casa, a los pocos dias el dolor volvio, casi en la semana 37 ese mismo... Read More

Delivery nightmare

Posted On Monday, July 13, 2015 By maritza

I was 19 years old when I got pregnant with my son, now 2 years old. Everything was normal in the begining of my pregnancy. At 28 weeks, I noticed a lot of swelling but didn't think anything of it. At 34 weeks, I had an iron infusion and when they checked my BP it was 150/80, so after my infusion we went to my doctor. They did a stress test and checked for protein in my urine, then sent me home to take a 24hr urine test. The next morning I took the test to the hospital and went home. That night I got a call to come to the hospital: I was going to get induced. It didn't ,so they kept me on bed rest at the hospital. After 6 days in the hospital in bed, my BP was 186/92, so they... Read More

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