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Informing Others Without Fear

Have you ever been standing in the checkout line and had the urge to tell the pregnant woman in front of you about preeclampsia? If you follow these three easy steps, you just might be able to help save a life!

Initially, approach the conversation with a flattering question, "Congratulations, when are you due?" then lead in with "Is this your first baby?" Most women love to dote on the impending arrival of their baby. Humor is also a great approach. For example, "You look incredible! When I was in my last trimester I was so swollen from preeclampsia, I couldn't see my own feet." Little conversational volleys get the dialogue flowing in a comfortable direction.

The second step is to segue into your story. When you share a snippet of your life or pregnancy experience, it can provide a perfect opportunity to explain preeclampsia. Newsletter writer Laura Dale transitions into her story by saying, "I have a healthy 3 year old son. He's our miracle baby, as he was born premature as a result of being induced early due to preeclampsia," and says she has never had a mom walk away at this point in the exchange. This is the hook, line, and sinker portion of the conversation.

Many times, women will say, "What is preeclampsia, I have never heard of it?" or "My doctor mentioned preeclampsia; I didn't realize it was so dangerous?" This is your golden opportunity to begin step three of the conversation: share the information, facts and direct them to the Preeclampsia Foundation website for additional help. By sharing this valuable information you are making a promise for tomorrow - a promise for healthier outcomes for other mothers and babies.

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