I didn't have high blood-pressure until AFTER the seizures!

Post On Sunday, February 02, 2014 By Meghan

I didn't have high blood-pressure until AFTER the seizures!

I'd had a friend who had been watching me very closely after we found out we were pregnant, she kept saying that she thought I was swelling too soon. I had asked the doctor MANY times about it and she just said I was fine but soon it was getting SO bad I wasn't really fitting in clothes that SHOULD have gotten me to 40 weeks (I like to prepare). The TED hose didnt seem to be helping and eventually I had coworkers doing a double-take as I walked down the hall, barely recognizing me.

About a week before my next check-up I just felt like something was terribly wrong. The best I can describe was that I felt like I was a ticking time bomb, SOMETHING was about to happen and it wasn't good. I kept checking my blood pressure and blood sugars but they were always normal. I tried calling the doctor but I didn't have ANYTHING but my instincts to give them so they really couldn't help me.

That Wednesday was the doctor's office visit, they found proteins in my urine and wanted me to take a 24 hour test. THE DAY BEFORE I had a friend telling me all about preeclampsia, so I really pressed the doctor for some information about it- was I at risk? what was happening? HELLO THE SWELLING?? But she just said it was just a precautionary measure and that I had NOTHING to worry about. Well she was the doctor, who was I to question so I asked if it could wait until next week because I was off, it was fine.

That Saturday I came home from a morning religious activity and was FINALLY able to sleep. The night before my lower back was hurting so bad I had NO sleep. I woke a couple times feeling like I was coming down with something, but the third time I had lifted my arm to cover my face IT HURT!? I sat up went to the mirror and my eyes were extremely puffy. I called my doctor and told her it was LIKE I was having an allergic reaction, my eyes, lips, and throat were swollen. She told me to take 3 benadryl and if it didn't go down in 30 minutes to go to the emergency room. The swelling in those areas did go down so my husband and I decided to go out to eat. Well, at the restaurant it soon became obvious that something was REALLY wrong. I was hysterical: laughing at everything, making a scene, and not making any sense. My husband decided he was taking me to the ER immediately, however when he gave me his arm to pull me up (I decided I couldn't stand by myself apparently- it's a blur) and went to leave he turned one way and I turned the other and down to the floor I went having a seizure.

At the hospital both my child and I died and then came back. I woke up multiple times in the ICU, all I can remember is asking over and over what happened? Where was my husband? I HAD MY BABY????! (those poor nurses!) I didn't even get to see her until about a week after delivery, it was really hard for me to believe. I kept thinking I was gonna wake up and my little one was still in my tummy and all was well... SHE WASN'T in that cold looking plastic covered bed, and I DID NOT just have to make the first decision as a new mommy that she could have a PICC line...

I'm pregnant again and terrified... New doctor and everything. I have been feeling pretty sorry for myself until I started realizing how lucky I really am... Don't know what's in my future but I feel stronger now because of you. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

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