My beautiful Noah

Post On Wednesday, February 12, 2014 By Indira

My beautiful Noah

My husband and I started trying to have a baby for 5 years.  During this time we visited fertility specialists and ran countless tests.  We finally became pregnant naturally and were so ecstatic!!  Unfortunately, the happiness did not last long as I miscarried at 12 weeks.  After miscarrying my husband pretty much gave up but I was 39 and I felt like we still had a little more time to try.  Luckily I conceived and was super happy and careful.  Monitored everything I ate, did light exercise and rested whenever possible.  At 26 weeks I went in for my check up and I had elevated BP readings 145 /90.  My GYN was concerned sent me home on bed rest for the remainder of the week and gave me a 24 hr urine test.  I returned Monday for my test results and when she took my blood pressure it was 180 / 100.  She told me I was preeclamptic as they had also found protein in my urine.  She sent me straight to the emergency room.  I was devastated and cried the entire way there.  Little did I know that she had just saved my life and the life of my Noah.  I was very lucky and spent 30 days on complete bed rest in the hospital on labetalol and hooked up to an IV with other blood pressure meds.  My urine was monitored every 24 hrs and the baby was monitored every 3 hrs. Because my doctor diagnosed me early she began treatment immediately and no matter how much I begged she did not send me home.   I was given two shots to help his lungs develop.  On December 19th, my feet and face began to swell.  I was weighed every morning by the nurses and had put on 10 lbs in one day.  My GYN told me I would not make it thru the weekend without delivering and she was right.  On the night of the 19th I could not sleep as I kept hearing this rattling with every breath I took.  One of the nurses told me I was catching a cold and gave me claritin.  Turns out I had developed pulmonary edema.  That morning my blood pressure sky rocketed to 190 / 100 and my face had swollen so much that I could not see because they were almost swollen shut.  My GYN prepped me for immediate surgery.  Noah was born by emergency c-section that morning at 2 lbs and 12 oz.  I heard him cry as soon as he came out which I knew was a good sign.  But I did not see him for three days as they kept my in ICU to control my breathing and high BP.  He spent two months in the NICU and came home at 6 lbs and 7 oz on his original due date of February 28th.  I know now how lucky we were and how the immediate actions of my GYN saved our lives.  This disease needs to be diagnosed quickly and early in order to help save more lives.  Noah is now a happy, healthy and normal 1 year old and I give all of the thanks to my GYN who acted quickly to save our lives.

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