My Pregnancies

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My Pregnancies

Okay so hear is my story:

My name is Brittany and I'm 26 years old.

Baby 1 (2006): Quite an uneventful pregnancy, besides severe morning sickness and in and out of the hospital in the beginning to be re hydrated. I had an appt on my due date Aug 7 2006 and it was THEN discovered my last few appts my blood pressure was high and this appt it was really high, and my, what seemed like whole body, was severely swollen. They immediately sent me to L&D to be induce. I was 1cm dilated so they gave me Cervadi and started the pit shortly after. My blood pressure steadily increased through the course of delivery, baby's heart rate kept dropping, and he was being born sunny side up/posterior. They used the vacuum extractor to assist and he was born very shortly after. He had no apparent heath issues at that time but he had developmental delays and his doctors believed it was related to the my bp being high for so long and nothing being done about it. But he has overcome that and is now a healthy 7 year old.

Baby 2 (2008): A decent pregnancy felt great, gained minimal weight, but did have severe morning sickness. Around 28 weeks BP begin to go up and I put myself on a strict VERY healthy diet and it worked it kept my BP under control until I was 38 weeks and it skyrocketed, I was huge and the estimated the baby to be about 10lbs so they didn't want to wait because of BP and his size so I was sent to L&D to be induced. I was dilated 2cm and 50% eff. they started the pit and before I knew it he arrived. Healthy 7lb 12 oz baby thankfully not 10lbs lol. And he is now a healthy 5 year old.

Baby 3 (January 1, 2014) - This pregnancy was pretty rough from the start found out around 8 weeks pregnant, a week prior I was in a car accident where I totaled my car so I was worried from the start especially with have scans (radiation) and stuff done due to the accident. I was in the hospital twice with bleeding and cramping prior to 12 weeks. I had an ultrasound at 11 weeks and the OB said there was blood around the placenta but he wasn't concerned. After that I started having what seemed like gall bladder issues a very severe striking pain that would almost drop me, I was told several times by the OB it was "growing pains" but my gut told me something was wrong but I placed my trust in the "doctors" I kept telling my husband I felt like I was 9 months pregnant because I was so wore down and I just didn't feel right.(That was at about 23 weeks) On Christmas eve I started having severe abdominal pain which I passed off as gas pains for hours because we ate A LOT OF FOOD that day from visiting family. Well I couldn't sleep and even breathing because painful so my husband took me to the hospital where it was discovered my BP was 190/110. They kept me for monitoring and did blood work that came back "not too bad" and they sent me home the next morning after my bp came down and said it was gas pains and bp was up due to being in pain. Got through Christmas went to work on the 26th and the pain returned, I called my oB they told me it sounded like my gallbladder and to go back to the hospital and try again. I drove myself by the time I got there I was in tears and in so much pain I could barely walk. Bp was 204/114 upon arrival, did blood work and scanned gallbladder. My liver enzymes came back EXTREMELY elevated so the pain was coming from my liver. No protein in urine. BP steadily starting rising. I was started on bp meds and mag drip. I received my first steroid shot to help baby. My ob consulted with an High risk doctor and they shipped me off to him the next day. The high risk specialist confirmed it was pre-eclampsia. I spent 5 days on the mag and labetetol 3 times a day and received my second steroid shot. 24 hour u/a should protein in my urine. Eventually my vision was going, I didn't want lights on anymore, and the headache was so severe no pain meds were helping. 2 ultrasounds were done - cord and placenta both had inadequate flow to the baby and his cord was wrap around his neck. He was measuring about 1lb in them. My high risk Ob sent me for emergency c-section: Kolton was born on Jan 1 2014 at 10am 1lb 3oz. He was so small and under developed for his gestation, but he was breathing on his own and did well for 2 days, he passed Jan 3, 2014. I am still battling the high blood pressure but I'm on labetetol 3xs a day 200mg which is a lot. My docs are still optimistic and said because it was so severe that it make take up to 6 months to return to normal. 

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