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January 7, 2014 baby girl born color of baby blue she did turn to normal color. Mother and baby go home; when baby is about five or six days old, mother was taken to hospital to emergency room. The mother had three seizures back-to-back... mother admitted to ICU. Mother had a heart attack. The mother showed all the signs of preeclampsia at hospital where baby was born but was sent home. Now in ICU... in the emergency room blood pressure 257 over 110; mother is on meds for blood pressure and heart. Before all this the mother had no problems with high blood pressure or her heart. Baby girl is doing fine so far and mother is still on meds. I am the baby's grandmother and her mother's mother, how afraid I have been. I still keep my eyes open. My daughter deliver at a teaching hospital in Washington DC. This is baby number four and this is the first time this has ever happen. I nicknamed the baby Miracle. I've learned a lot from stories of preeclampsia that others have shared and I'm very thankful for Preeclampsia Foundation.

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