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2012 Promise Walk Surpasses $400K Goal

What a whirlwind Walk season it has been! The last 2012 Promise Walk will conclude at the end of July in Richmond, Va. on July 21. With more than 40 volunteer coordinators producing 35 walks across the U.S. between May and July, the Promise Walk for Preeclampsia has raised over $415,000, greatly surpassing its goal of $400,000.  Look for many new locations next year, so be sure to join us in "Making Strides, Delivering Hope."

Story Spotlight

My pregnancies with preeclampsia

When I was just 17 years old, I became pregnant. I was just about to graduate high school and I was about to get married as well. The last thing I wanted during my pregnancy was something else to stress over and worry about. Three weeks before... Read More

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