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Publication: Zuzu's Petals: A True Story of Second Chances

Publication: Zuzu's Petals: A True Story of Second Chances

To order, please visit Lauren's site and designate your purchase to support PF.


To order, please visit Lauren's site and designate "Preeclampsia Education" to support the Preeclampsia Foundation with your purchase.

LAUREN LARSEN thought she had a wonderful life: loving marriage, good friends, successful career, and her first child on the way. Shortly after she entered the ninth month of what had been an easy pregnancy, her husband, Jeff, followed a sudden and inexplicable urge to bring her flowers in the middle of a busy workday.

Within hours of his visit, their lives would change forever. The rapid onset of a pregnancy-related disorder "preeclampsia" nearly claimed the lives of both Lauren and her baby. After more than a month in intensive care, and with years of recovery work ahead of her, Lauren was left with the question: What now? Amidst the wreckage of her near-fatal illness, an opportunity emerged ”the chance to rebuild a different life, one that was more personally meaningful and fulfilling." With absolute clarity about their limited time on earth, Lauren and Jeff changed their priorities, their careers, their lifestyle, and even where they lived. As her physical strength grew, so too did Lauren's understanding of just how many people (nurses, doctors, friends, family, and anonymous blood donors) had contributed to giving her a second chance in life. An overwhelming sense of gratitude emerged and found expression through her fundraising campaigns and national speaking tour.

And along the way, Lauren became a shamelessly proud mother, who sought to live as joyfully as possible no matter the circumstances. At times heartbreaking, at times laugh-out-loud funny, Zuzu's Petals is a story about human resilience, living authentically, and the power of turning gratitude into action.

Hardcover: 366 pages

Publisher: In The Telling Press

In-stock date: November 25, 2010

Language: English

ISBN-13: 978-0-9829907-0-4

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