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It All Happened So Fast

May 13, 2020 By Jessica Runyon

It All Happened So Fast

I started off with a heathy and normal pregnancy and my original due date was April 11. In the third trimester my feet started to swell and my blood pressure slowly started to climb. After carefully watching and two trips to the Emergency room for high blood pressure, I was diagnosed with preeclampsia at 35 weeks.

Immediately, I was put on bed rest and schedule to be induced at 37 weeks. In those two weeks we had four extra ultra sounds for my son to monitor him in the womb to make sure that he wasn’t in any distress. On March 21, 2020 I went to the hospital for a labor induced. As I progress through my labor they constantly monitor my blood pressure and need extra medication to keep it under control. I eventually need magnesium to maintain my blood pressure. The magnesium put me through a fog and really had a negative effect on me. I was able to push for two hours but my son got stuck in my hips so I had a cesarean section.

My son was born on March 23, 2020. My son needed some help breathing and was transferred to the NICU. I started to heal myself and relearn how to do the simplest of things and was in the hospital for a week. My son stay in the NICU for two days then needed to be transferred to Children’s hospital because he had two breathing episodes. He stay there for five days for observation and then got to come home. After day three of recovery my blood pressure started to climb again and need medication to bring it back down. I had to stay on blood pressure pills and record my blood pressure for two weeks postpartum.

The hospital rules during this time started off with two visitors then went down to one visitor. It was just me and my husband until my son had to be transferred to children’s then it was just me by myself. My son and myself was both tested for covid19 and put on isolation until the results came back. We both were negative. Giving birth to my son and having preeclampsia during a pandemic cause a lot of anxiety and a traumatic labor.

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