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2014 Vision Grants

Last Updated on Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Erica Hammer, MD

University of Vermont College of Medicine
Topic: The Role of Efflux Transporters on the Blood-Brain Barrier in Preventing Seizure During Pregnancy

September 2015 Progress Report


Terry K. Morgan, MD, PhD

Oregon Health & Science University
Topic: VEGF Gene Delivery to Uterine Spiral Arteries by Ultrasound-Mediated Cavitation of Plasmid-Conjugated Microbubbles Prevents Placental Insufficiency

July 2015 Mid-Year Progress Report

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The Preeclampsia Registry

    preeclampsia registry

    The Preeclampsia Registry is a "Living Database" bringing together those affected, their family members, and researchers to advance knowledge and discover preventions and treatments for preeclampsia, HELLP syndrome, and related hypertensive disorders of pregnancy.

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