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Terms & Conditions for Preeclampsia Foundation Community Forum

Last Updated on Friday, August 01, 2014

Preeclampsia Foundation Community Forum Policy: for Moderators and all Users of our Community Forum (www.preeclampsia.org/forum)

Login Instructions

In order to use these forums, users are required to provide a username, password and e-mail address and agree to the rules of use. Neither the Administrators of these forums, or the Moderators participating, are responsible for the privacy practices of any user. Remember that all information that is disclosed in these areas becomes public information and you should exercise caution when deciding to share any of your personal information. Any user who finds material posted by another user objectionable is encouraged to contact us via email. We are authorized by you to remove or modify any data submitted by you to these forums for any reason we feel constitutes a violation of our policies, whether stated, implied or not.  In your use of this Community Forum, you agree that you will not post any information which is vulgar, harassing, hateful, threatening, invading of others privacy, sexually oriented, or violates any laws. If you do agree with the rules and policies stated in this agreement, and meet the criteria stated herein, proceed to press the "Agree" button below, otherwise press "Cancel." By pressing the "Agree" button, you agree that you, the user, are 13 years of age or over, are fully responsible for any information or file supplied by this user and to all of the following policies. These forums give users two options for changing and modifying information that they provide in their profile:

  1. Users can login with their username and password to change any information in their profile.
  2. In case of lost password, users should go to Login/Join and click on Lost Password to receive an email that will allow them to reset their password.


Cookies must be turned on in your browser to participate as a user in these forums. Cookies are used here to hold your username and password and viewing options, allowing you to login.

Play Nice - be gentle with one another

Our Community Forum is for the emotional and informational support of women and their families who have, have had, or may get preeclampsia. The only way that this can be an emotionally safe place for people is if we all observe some basic boundaries of respectful behavior. This means you need to express your opinion without being rude, sarcastic, insulting, or demeaning. Offending threads will be locked with a post that says: "This thread has been locked because of a potential User Agreement violation." We will then either delete the post or offer you a chance to edit it. Repeat violations will result in your username being "locked" away from use for a specific period of time. Serial violators of the user agreement run the risk of being locked permanently.


If you have a concern with the Preeclampsia Foundation, our Community Forum Policy or any individual, it is best to communicate directly with the person involved. Email us at [email protected] privately with your concerns about areas which could be improved.

Offsite Links

You do not have to get links pre-screened by an administrator prior to posting. However, people assume that information they find in this forum is endorsed by the Preeclampsia Foundation and for this reason, we reserve the right to remove links to off-site sources at our discretion. Links to commercial sites purporting to treat, prevent, or otherwise mitigate the causes and effects of preeclampsia will be removed. Links to approved partners or alliances of the Preeclampsia Foundation can be found here: www.preeclampsia.org/partners. If you wish to recommend an outside resource to the Preeclampsia Foundation, please contact us.

Medical Advice

Posting medical advice or offering a diagnosis is strictly forbidden. Besides being unethical,  information provided on this site is provided for informational purposes only and is not meant to substitute for the advice provided by a person’s own physician or other medical professional. The Preeclampsia Foundation presents all data as is, without any warranty of any kind, express or implied, and is not liable for its accuracy, for mistakes or omissions of any kind, nor for any loss or damage caused by a user's reliance on information obtained on the site. We do not ever want our discussions to potentially dissuade people from seeking medical care when it was needed or mislead women into expecting an unreasonable approach to care. It is very tempting (and easy) to say "your labs indicate you're safe" or "you should be induced NOW" but since we are not doctors, and especially we are not the patient's doctor so we cannot know the entire story. We provide information and support, we can share our personal experiences, but we don't pass judgment on medical care and we can't decide what's "best".  Phraseology is important and distinctions are sometimes subtle.

This is especially true if you have a medical background. All advice must be presented in terms of your perspective, as a non-medical practitioner. If you have an advanced degree in a medical field, please do not put your degree, expertise or any other reference to your medical background in your signature or posts. It suggests that you are a person offering medical advice.

Do say:
“To put things in perspective, my doctor induced me when my BP hit___.”
Do not say:
“My doctor induced me when my BP hit ___, and you should insist that yours does, too.”

Do say:
“Pain in your upper right quadrant, below your ribs, may indicate a problem with your liver.”
Do not say:
“That upper right quadrant pain is your liver threatening to rupture!

Do say:
“If I were in that situation, I think I would see a doctor.”
Do not say:
“You should see a doctor”

As one of our favorite experts likes to say, “Doctors should treat people, not diseases” so what worked for you may not be appropriate for anyone else.

Accurate Medical Information

To the greatest degree possible, our Community Forum moderators offer only accurate information, backed by links to reputable sources or links to our Expert section. The NIH, for example, is a reputable source. “Sally’s Preeclampsia Page” is not. Most frequently, sites intended for medical professionals are preferred. However, the forum is a public discussion page and the speed and quantity of information discussed does not lend itself to 100% accuracy.

The Preeclampsia Foundation does, however, provide access to accurate medical information which has been vetted by our medical advisory board and can be found in the Health Information section of our website, as well as in our printed brochures and other patient education materials.

Our moderators are volunteers. They are not medical experts and while they bring a wealth of information to this forum, please remember that we do not replace the advice and care of your physician.

Medical Referrals

We do not permit users to recommend specific health care providers, medical centers, clinics or hospitals on our Community Forum.  You are welcome to directly email another forum user to share names and personal experiences with health care providers. To find an appropriate maternal-fetal medicine specialist in your area, please consider the Society for Maternal Fetal Medicine Society’s Physician Locator services found on their website. Users who need more information about preeclampsia are encouraged to call the Preeclampsia Foundation’s toll-free hotline at 800.665.9341.

Legal Referrals

The Preeclampsia Foundation does not get involved in litigation and cannot refer patients to physicians who may provide expert testimony. See the Foundation's Legal Issues statement for more information.

Cross-Posting on Multiple Forums

Please don't cross post on multiple forums. It makes it harder for the moderators to keep track of discussions and disrupts the search engine.  If you are at all concerned about where to place your new topic, please contact a moderator or a member of the admin team for advice.  Any multiple posts will be removed by moderators, leaving one topic in its most appropriate forum.

Calls for research study participants

The Preeclampsia Foundation has an official policy in place for recruiting study participants. If you are interested in learning more about recruiting or getting involved with a study, please visit our Participate in a Research Study section or contact us directly at [email protected]


We have a strict policy against posting any advertising, including a doctor, hospital, product, diet, juice, food, etc. Posting a doctor's full name (and saying something really positive about him or her) can be construed as advertising and is not allowed. If you register for this forum with the intent of selling a product, please be aware that this is a very vigorously moderated forum and any posts of this nature will likely be removed before you make it back. Please don't waste your time (or ours!).

Solicitations for funds

Please do not ask for money for yourself or any other individual or organization without prior approval. Please contact our office at [email protected] regarding any fundraising you are interested in doing for the Preeclampsia Foundation. We are very appreciative of volunteer fundraisers and work hard to help you meet your goals.

Libel & Slander

Do not post anything hurtful, false or libelous about another person. This puts us at risk and will be pulled. If you find yourself having a conflict, please remember to express your differences kindly and appropriately. When in doubt, we will just shut down the conversation.

Politics & Religion

We are a secular and non-partisan community. Although we understand the wish to share your beliefs, this is not the focus of our mission, and we choose to invest our energy with what we have in common--preeclampsia--rather than our differences.

Copyright Infringements

Posting anything that you personally have not written (for example posting in its entirety any emails, letters, or published materials) without the author's express permission is strictly forbidden. This is to protect you, the author and the Foundation. Links with short descriptions are acceptable, whole passages are not. Short passages from books are acceptable with appropriate citations, and as far as we understand are considered acceptable under fair use laws.

Holding Posts

We will hold any post that raises a flag. Do not take this personally. This is for your protection as much as our own. We will attempt to get an email to you quickly to explain the hold up and also the response from our staff. Thank you for your patience and support.


Please note that you may not use contact information or email addresses found in this forum to "spam" or advertise to other members. If you violate this policy, this will result in immediate deletion of your membership, no exceptions.

Inappropriate Posting Behaviors

The following negative message board behaviors are not welcome on our board, which may result in immediate deletion of both your post and membership.

  • Brinking: operating on the verge of forum policy and fighting with forum moderators about the gray area that exists in all policy matters- trying to see how far you can go without getting thrown off.
  • Trolling: posting for the sole intention of causing distress or discord; if you're registering solely to exclaim that we're wrong about something, it can be construed as trolling.
  • Flaming: fruitless angry interchanges that elevate healthy debate into a street fight. It is considered flaming to insult, harass, or defame a member of our community. Please remember that we don't ever attack people, we debate ideas.
  • Spamming: advertising, linking to, or arguing for a product, pyramid scheme, or other plan from which you will personally benefit.


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