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Last Updated on September 13, 2022

Your Blood Pressure: Check. Know. Share.

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During our current uncertain times, more and more women are being told to take their blood pressure at home. Pregnancy is an ideal time to get familiar with your blood pressure, understand your normal numbers, check it often, log your readings and share it with your provider, especially if you have high blood pressure readings.  

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before taking your blood pressure
go to the bathroom
sit quietly 3-5 minutes
within 30 minutes DO NOT
  • smoke
  • eat
  • take
  • have
  • exercise
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taking your blood pressure
  • Sit up with your arm propped at the same level as your heart, place left bare arm through the cuff above your elbow
  • Tighten the cuff around your arm and secure the Velcro® fastener
  • Keep your legs uncrossed and feet flat on the floor
  • Press START, cuff will inflate squeezing your arm then deflate, breathe normally, don't talk
  • Record your numbers twice a day


your numbers
less than
Normal (Keep checking)
Call your healthcare provider
or higher
Seek immediate medical care
Keep checking your blood pressure daily and log your trends.
If either your top (systolic) or bottom (diastolic) number falls out of the normal range, take action.
why blood pressure is important during pregnancy
  • Determines how your pregnancy is managed
  • Informs timing of delivery
  • Signals potential risks and complications to mother and baby, such as preeclampsia and HELLP Syndrome, during pregnancy and right afterwards


  • discuss your blood pressure log at all prenatal and postpartum appointments
  • act upon yellow or red zone numbers right away - don't wait for a scheduled appointment

As an expectant or new mom, you can easily be inundated with information. When it comes to expertise, we want to take you directly to the source. 

The video interviews here are with Dr. Thomas Easterling, president of our Medical Advisory Board and an expert in the treatment of preeclampsia; Dr. Linda Burke, a member of our national racial disparities task force and author of The Smart Mother's Guide to a Better Pregnancy: How to minimize risks, avoid complications and have a healthy baby; and Dr. Sarosh Rana, co-chair of our Preeclampsia Registry Advisory Council who specializes in high risk pregnancy and is Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Section Chief of Maternal-Fetal Medicine for the University of Chicago.


Some home monitors are better than others. We recommend using an arm or wrist cuff and not one for your finger. Ask your provider which one they trust or check this website for devices approved for home use. Read more about pregnancy validated home blood pressure monitors. 

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