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Patient Advisory Council

Last Updated on Friday, April 04, 2014

The Patient Advisory Council will be recruiting additional members over the coming months via an online application, with the goal of including approximately a dozen members from diverse demographic, ethnic, racial and health impact representation. Each member of the council will be a preeclampsia survivor or a family member of a woman who suffered death or disability such that she is unable to represent herself as the result of preeclampsia. Read the Press Release for more information.

Meghan JS Canedy received her MSN from Yale School of Nursing and works as a Pediatric Nurse Practicioner in a Level 2 Special Care Nursery and Family Birthing Center.  She is a clinical adjunct instructor for Yale School of Nursing advanced practice nursing students, and also helps mothers and families achieve their breastfeeding goals as an IBCLC. Meghan became acquainted with the Preeclampsia Foundation during her pregnancy; she delivered her daughter late preterm after struggling for ten weeks with preeclampsia. She resides in New England with her daughter and Active Duty military husband. She earns her stress relief with distance running, biking and swimming.

Fathiyyah Doster is a mental health therapist who received her master’s in Mental Health Counseling from Springfield College in 2009.  Ms. Doster has several years’ experience in the field of severe and persistent mental illness as well as substance abuse. Ms. Doster joined the Preeclampsia Foundation in 2010 after her near death experience with preeclampsia in February 2010 with her, 37 week, first-born daughter. After a spike in her blood pressure, she suffered two seizures, shutting down her lungs, kidneys and liver. Alongside a four month hospital stay, Ms. Doster experienced a tracheotomy, multiple surgeries and procedures and had to continue dialysis for one year. Her daughter was healthy. She is currently the Southeast Regional Coach for the Preeclampsia Foundation as well as the walk coordinator for the Miami walk since 2011.

Beth Frazer, JD, Chair, is the Vice Chair of the Preeclampsia Foundation Board of Directors and the Board.  She received a Juris Doctrate from the University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law and practiced as a civil litigator, representing clients in a variety of matters including employment disputes and civil rights claims.  In 2008, when Beth was only 20 weeks pregnant, she developed sudden onset HELLP Syndrome and severe preeclampsia, which resulted in the death of her twin son and daughter.  She immediately developed a passion for preeclampsia education and awareness, and began volunteering with the Preeclampsia Foundation.  Beth went on to have two healthy pregnancies.  She lives in Nashville, TN, with her son and daughter, and husband, Bryan, with whom she Coordinates the Nashville Promise Walk for Preeclampsia.

Carol Hamilton, PharmD, worked as a clinical pharmacist prior to having her first child.  During her first pregnancy in 1998, Carol developed sudden severe preeclampsia at 24 weeks and was forced to deliver.  Her daughter, Mary, was stillborn.   Her second pregnancy in 2000 resulted in a healthy daughter born at 36 weeks.  Her third pregnancy in 2002 resulted in a son born at 37 weeks, after which Carol suffered post-partum preeclampsia.  Carol has worked with the Preeclampsia Foundation in various capacities since 2002, including serving on the Board of Directors from 2004 – 2008.  She currently lives in Naples, FL with her husband Jim and two children, Lexie and Zachary. 

Laney Poye, Director of Community Relations, serves as the Patient Advisory Council's Staff Advisor.

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