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Last Updated on May 16, 2023

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Launched in 2013, the Preeclampsia Registry was built to create a partnership between preeclampsia survivors and researchers to advance our understanding of preeclampsia.  As participants share their experiences, approved researchers are provided with access to “de-identified” health information – information that does not contain participant names or contact information. This helps researchers to find patterns that can lead to findings and further studies. The registry also accelerates studies as researchers are able to gather cohorts for new studies or pose new questions.

The Preeclampsia Registry also gives its participants the option of learning about other research studies for which they may qualify and provides them with the means of connecting with researchers.

Most importantly, patient registries unite the patient voice with research. Patients have questions, theories, and interests that are often different from investigators conducting formal research. By engaging patients in the research process, as we can through patient registries, the chances for discovery and improvement are an even greater possibility.

Have questions? Contact Research Manager VeeAnn Argyle at registry@preeclampsia.org.

Preeclampsia Registry Advisory Council

The Preeclampsia Registry Advisory Council (PRAC) played a key role in the development of the Preeclampsia Registry and continues to be essential to its integrity. The PRAC provides representation amongst many disciplines including epidemiology, internal medicine, pediatrics, nephrology, genomics, obstetrics and gynecology (including Maternal Fetal Medicine), industry, National Institutes of Health, Centers for Disease Control, patient/consumer, and the Preeclampsia Foundation Medical Medical Advisory Board.

Jim Roberts, MD


University of Pittsburgh

Magee Women's Research Institute

Sarosh Rana, MD, MPH


University of Chicago Medicine

Eleni Tsigas, BA

Preeclampsia Foundation, Chief Executive Officer

Principal Investigator, Preeclampsia Registry

Arun Jeyabalan, MD

University of Pittsburgh

Michelle Owens, MD

University of Mississippi

Janet Rich-Edwards, ScD

Harvard Medical School

Ellen Seely, MD

Brigham and Women's Hospital

Ananth  Karumanchi, MD

Howard Hughes Research Institute
Harvard Medical School 

Terry Morgan, MD, PhD

Oregon Health Sciences University

Alison Roberts, CNM

West Berkeley Family Practice

Kent Thornburg, PhD

Oregon Health and Science University

Tom Easterling, MD

University of Washington

Kyu-Ho Lee, MD PhD

Medical University of South Carolina

Robert Powers, PhD

University of Pittsburgh

Donna Russell, MHA 

Precia Group

Kenneth Ward, MD

Juneau Biosciences  

VeeAnn Argyle

Preeclampsia Foundation, Registry Manager

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Contact the Registry

Researchers, please contact our Research Manager if you would like the Preeclampsia Foundation to help you recruit participants for a research study or focus group, or have any questions about the Preeclampsia Registry.


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