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Last Updated on March 21, 2024

Doulas are a trusted part of a pregnant patient's care team. From the onset of symptoms to the complications that often arise during labor and delivery, preeclampsia upends the precious and miraculous endeavor of becoming a mother.

Doulas can help bridge the gap for any mom, but especially those most vulnerable to maternal illness and death. The personal support system and professional expertise a doula provides can make all the difference in the world in managing preeclampsia, delivering a healthy baby, and promoting mental and emotional health post-partum.

These resources can help you to educate and empower all of your clients, so that if preeclamspia happens, you and she are ready.

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Educating Your Clients

Educating patients is the first line of defense when it comes to proper recognition and reporting of symptoms. Preeclampsia can be a rapidly progressing disorder with symptoms becoming more and more critical in a short window of time between regular prenatal appointments. The patient is often the first responder. With greater understanding of the seriousness of preeclampsia, comes greater compliance and reporting. But just telling patients about preeclampsia is not enough. (Familiarize yourself with the Signs and Symptoms.)

Pregnant patients have a generally poor understanding of preeclampsia, although improved understanding is associated with having received information from their provider. As a doula, you can be another way that patients get the education they need.

When women know how to recognize the signs and symptoms, and they understand the explanations offered, they are not only more likely to report symptoms but they are also more likely to comply with prescribed treatments. This has a direct impact on reducing adverse outomes. Use the following tools in your sessions or on your social media channel to help educate your clients.

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Printable Signs & Symptoms Bookmarks

Educational bookmarks (free to download and print)

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Postpartum Support

Research shows that women who survive preeclampsia are four times more likely to experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) than women who undergo a healthy pregnancy. Having a trusted doula there to advocate for a woman and carry some of the emotional burden during such a distressing time can reduce short-term and permanent trauma and promote long-term healing not only for the mother, but for those close to her as well.

Hearing your pregnancy is "at risk" replaces pregnancy euphoria with fear, anxiety, and the unknown outcome. As a doula, you may be one of the few levels of comfort a high-risk mom can have. Use your resources to help assess the emotional state and needs that a mom and her partner may have. Connect her to bereavement/loss and miscarriage doulas (if needed). Encourage her to find the support she needs.

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It is our collective voice that reduces isolation for others, raises awareness and improves healthcare practices. Let's raise up our voices so more women know about preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome and less women have adverse outcomes!


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