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Lullaby Lady to Sing for Boston Promise Walkers

Last Updated on Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Amy Robbins-Wilson, the lullaby singer from Maine who wrote three songs for the “I Gave You Words”/Field of Cradles art exhibit, will be singing for participants of the Promise Walk for Preeclampsia™ in South Boston on Sunday, July 24th. Her performance will be a highlight for both children and adults present at the walk, and will be dedicated to the many babies lost each year, including the babies memorialized in the Field of Cradles exhibit, displayed at this year’s Promise Walk.

The Field of Cradles display is a poignant reminder to all that pass by, a grassy field of empty cradles, each representing a baby that has lost his or her life to preeclampsia. Inside each cradle lies a blanket with a poem on it written to and for that child, while Robbins-Wilson’s gentle lullabies play in the background.

Deeply moved by her involvement with the Field of Cradles exhibit and the words of the families who courageously shared their love, their hopes and their grief, Robbins-Wilson has recently created an entire album of songs entitled “Angel Baby Lullabies,” which is dedicated to parents who have lost a baby.

"I was drawn to this project as soon as Susannah contacted me,” Robbins-Wilson explained. “Our son was hospitalized and in critical condition twice before he was two. While we were blessed to be able to bring our son to health and home, I was awakened to the fact that it is not always so."

“Music can speak to our hearts in a way that mere words do not,” she emphasized.

Robbins-Wilson recently performed songs from her album to benefit the Empty Arms Healthcare Charities in Bangor, Maine. Audience members were overwhelmed by the beauty of the music with one mother commenting that it helped her “cry the tears she needed to cry.”

Robbins-Wilson has donated the unlimited use of three of the songs to support the Field of Cradles art exhibit and will also contribute a portion of the album proceeds to charities that support mothers and babies including the Preeclampsia Foundation. As her way of saying thank you to the Preeclampsia Foundation and to support others who have lost a child, she is making the entire collection of music available to listen to for free until the end of July.

Robbins-Wilson concludes by saying, “It is my prayer that Angel Baby Lullabies will provide comfort to all parents who have lost a child.”

Promise Walk participants look forward to hearing Robbins-Wilson sing at the walk and thanking her in person for donating her time and beautiful voice to such an emotionally powerful cause.

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