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A Night That Changed It All

November 13, 2020 By Nicole Mehrara

A Night That Changed It All

The night of June 11th changed life as we knew it! I had had the easiest pregnancy.

I am over 35 and overweight but very active and eat clean. I had managed to only gain 8 lbs and all test and visit showed a health pregnancy.

The morning of June 11th I had an OB visit and baby and blood pressure was great. Well 12 hours later I began experiencing horrible back pains, coupled with heartburn. I ended up throwing up and couldn’t settle myself. My partner and my mom encouraged me to go to the hospital so dad to be rushed me to the hospital. Triage showed that I had severe preeclampsia which meant they had to admit me and my partner was allowed in at that time.

In that time they draw my blood and quickly there after it was determined I had HELLP syndrome and the baby needed to come out ASAP. I was exactly 31 weeks and knew that wasn’t ideal but for baby and me it was a must. They even pulled another women out of heading to the OR to get us in.

Within an hour our precious baby was born weighing in at 3lbs. He was rushed to the NICU and I wasn’t able to see him for 12 hours. Thankfully I begin to stabilize and the next morning I was allowed to go down and meet him and he was perfect. He was tiny but a fighter!

He spent 6 weeks growing in the NICU. I ended up hospitalized a week later with a hematoma that then resulted in a wound vac with many more weeks of recovery. However we are over that chapter and I’m now grateful for life, not only mine but my sons.

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