A Trauma I’ll Never Forget

December 18, 2023 By Georgia Hall

A Trauma I’ll Never Forget

April 4th I got admitted to hospital after my 34 week midwife app.

My midwife failed to attend my appointment so I got another provider and she said my blood pressure was high. I said, "it’s always a bit elevated but my midwife says it’s fine." She said "it’s not" and sent me to hospital where I was admitted and put on blood pressure medication.

Late that night I ended up in excruciating pain all over my bump, and due to the pain being so bad I kept being sick. I was screaming for help. I got offered a pregnancy ball and paracetamol. I was crying; the pain was so bad, I could barely sit still but I couldn’t walk either as standing straight was agony. No pain relief was working as I kept being sick when I’d take them.

Come day 2 they injected me with anti-sickness so I finally managed to keep my pain relief down which took some edge off, but not much. I then got visited by my docs and one says it was a UTI causing my pain which I knew was rubbish. I then got told I was sore from pulling a muscle when I was being sick, which I knew also wasn’t right.

Then day 3 (April the 6th), my blood pressure medications got upped to 4 times a day. That morning though, the midwife gave me three before 10am. I refused more because I told her I’d had a lot already. They then forgot to check on me and I was left until 6pm. By then I had a very sore head and my Bp had spiked, then by 9.30pm my pain disappeared but I felt a rush come out of me... it was blood. I was then rushed to the operating thearte. A student midwife held my hand down there.

My baby was born at 35 weeks and taken straight to NICU to be on breathing CPAP machines. Luckily we got out after 10 days. But I feel like I was stolen a birth. If they listened to me from day 1 I was admitted, maybe did further investigation, my c-section could have been more planned, I could have not been traumatised, and maybe my baby wouldn’t have had to be been born early if they realised what was going on sooner.