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I've lost 3. No More Please.

April 03, 2020 By Kameron Seymour

I've lost 3. No More Please.

My name is Kameron. I found my soulmate Seymour in college in 2006, but at age 19, we found ourselves becoming parents. Unfortunately, the complications from preeclampsia started right from the beginning, and our son, Elijah, was born at 24 weeks. After a long eight months, Elijah lost his battle because of the prematurity of his lungs. We were so young back then. We didn’t understand why this happened, and tried to go on with our lives like it was nothing. In hindsight, we should have gone to counseling of some sort.

We ended up separating in college. He continued to play football in college. I went home and got a job and took classes at a community college. In 2009, I met another guy. I ended up becoming pregnant by this guy. I know. What was I thinking. I had no complications with this pregnancy at all. Unfortunately my relationship with this guy didn’t work out at all so I was left raising a son as a single mother.

Fast forward 10 years: Seymour and I reconnected, dated and got married. Our family was already at three with my son, and after 1 year of marriage we become pregnant with twins!!! We were so excited. We felt like God was blessing us double because of our loss.

Everything was normal until my 24th week of pregnancy. I developed preeclampsia and had to deliver the babies early. I also developed HELLP syndrome. My twin boys were born December 10th 2019. Zion passed away on the 12th. Irie fought for 2 months to be here with us. We sang him songs, read devotionals and never stopped praying. Irie passed away February 9th 2020.

We are very appreciative of the Preeclampsia Foundation’s resources and support for survivors like us. We wanted to help make further research on preeclampsia possible, so through our company, Sistas In Shape, we helped raise over $4,000 for our first Promise Walk Wherever. Please continue the research to find a cure for this terrible disease.

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