Preeclampsia Foundation plans a doula-focused educational webinar

Educating Your Clients About Preeclampsia: A Doula Approach to Care Equity

Doula-webinar-IG.png (567 KB)November 9, 2021 - Melbourne, FL – Doulas play a key role in helping pregnant patients navigate pregnancy, labor, delivery, and the post-partum period on their own terms. Studies have shown that having a doula as a birth team member decreases cesarean rates by 50%, length of labor by 25%, use of oxytocin by 40%, and requests for an epidural by 60%.  The Preeclampsia Foundation, a patient advocacy organization for those affected by high blood pressure in pregnancy, is partnering with Shaconna Haley, Principal Consultant & Certified Holistic Doula of InnerLight Holistic Doula & Perinatal Consulting to present a special webinar on Wed. Dec. 1, 2021 at 1 pm for doulas on their role to support and educate their clients about preeclampsia. (Register here.)

Doulas can provide support to clients from the pre-conception period through the first year postpartum, as well as during their pregnancy, so they are one of the few constant care partners in an expecting woman’s life. With the ability to not only provide comfort and relief during trying times and much needed moral support and encouragement throughout the pregnancy journey, doulas are uniquely positioned to help educate women and their support systems about preeclampsia, a hypertensive disorder of pregnancy that can strike at any time with no known cause or treatment.

The Preeclampsia Foundation has been educating women on preeclampsia’s signs and symptoms during pregnancy and making them aware that they are “still at risk” for postpartum preeclampsia following their baby’s delivery.  Now, they want their message to continue to spread in partnership with doulas across the nation, who help bridge the gap for those most vulnerable to pregnancy complications, specifically ensuring support and education reach Black women.

“We’ve seen the role of the doula in action and have the utmost respect for the work they are doing to provide support to pregnant women at a particularly vulnerable time in their lives,” said Preeclampsia Foundation CEO Eleni Tsigas. “We hope that the information we share in our webinar and on our website can help doulas to continue changing the trajectory of maternal health outcomes.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Black women are dying at roughly three times the rate of white women in birth-related deaths. Prioritizing Black maternal health, Roche and the Preeclampsia Foundation are using their research, resources, and reach to host a conversation to ensure doulas receive preeclampsia signs and symptoms education and how to best support their clients during a hypertensive crisis.

“In my own practice, I have informed, educated and connected clients to essential resources to address this life-threatening condition,” said Certified Holistic Doula and co-presenter Shaconna Haley. “Many doulas have supported clients in much the same way.  I’ve found the resources of the Preeclampsia Foundation to be invaluable in this effort.  It is my hope that doulas supporting families throughout the childbearing journey will take advantage of these no cost, credible and accessible tools to educate their clients.”

Doulas are encouraged to join the conversation on Wednesday, December 1, 2021, at noon (EST). Haley and Tsigas will discuss preeclampsia signs and symptoms and help listeners identify ways to integrate preeclampsia education into existing doula framework. Learn more about doula resources by visiting

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