Creating a world where moms and babies lives are no longer threatened due to hypertensive disorders of pregnancy. Our Tax ID Number is 91-2073087

Who We Are

Last Updated on September 20, 2022

Our ApproachStarts with Patients

Our goal is to improve the lives of our affected community through education, engagement, and support, while providing them a lifetime home where they can make a difference for the future.

We AdvanceHealthcare Practices

Less than half of all expectant women know the signs and symptoms of preeclampsia, a statistic we are working to change. And, even when a patient recognizes and responds to those symptoms, their healthcare provider still must be well-versed in the best practice guidelines of diagnosis, prevention, and treatment. We train over 4,000 healthcare professionals each year, so they can better serve their patients. We constantly advocate for innovations in care that will improve outcomes.

We're Searchingfor a Cause and Cure

At the end of the day, research is the only way we will truly end preeclampsia's impact on real women and their families. Our goal is to cure preeclampsia by developing and promoting a scientific gap analysis for discoveries and advocating for increased funding that will lead us to a cause and a cure.





For over 20 years, the Preeclampsia Foundation has been a leading voice in patient advocacy and care practice improvement in maternal health.

Moving our mission forward starts with our dedicated staff, who are advised by the top medical and scientific experts in preeclampsia and a patient advisory council to keep our community at the heart of everything we do. 

Drawing on their years of collective professional experience, our talented Board of Directors provides critical leadership and direction to ensure our good-standing as a leading not-for-profit organization.

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We Need You

We’re training healthcare providers, educating patients and conducting and funding research to ensure hypertensive disorders no longer threaten the lives of mothers and their babies. There are many ways you can support education, healthcare, and research programs developed to save the lives of moms and their babies. Our Tax ID Number is 91-2073087.



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