I Had No Symptoms Until My Waters Broke.

May 29, 2024 By Dannielle Green

I Had No Symptoms Until My Waters Broke.

On Sunday, my mum, my husband Alex and I went to go on our birth unit tour at the hospital, and afterwards I was like "let's get checked" cus I was having increased discharge and was wondering if my waters had broken.
So we're in the Women's Acute Assessment Unit (emergency triage for pregnant women) and we incidentally find that my blood pressure was also high for the first time this pregnancy so they were keeping an eye on that.
Finally after waiting 5hrs, they did the speculum and swab test and confirmed waters had broken somewhere, but it didn't look like I was in early labour. So they wanted to induce that night.
I said I want to wait 48 hours before considering induction, but because we don't know when my waters broke specifically (could have been as early as 11am Saturday) they were really pushing for sooner rather than later as once your waters break there's a chance for baby/mum to get an infection.

So Alex and I went back home (we were at the hospital since 3.30pm-10pm), with the aim to go into labour overnight, but no luck with all the tips and tricks, even with a 6am emergency acupuncture appt on Monday. 
So we booked in for an induction at 1pm Monday (though it wasn't officially started until 4pm).

They wanted my labour to progress so they could get in to break my waters properly (cus they suspected it was only my hind waters broken). We finally got to the point where we could break them at midnight but then shortly after doing that, I started like convulsing (consciously) and that just kept getting worse and worse. Turns out I got acute pre-eclampsia during labour.

We couldn't get my blood pressure under control until closer to 3am so we went with emergency caesarean once I was my BP was more "stable" with Atlas born at 4.51am.

Very scary, exhausting and painful night.
Baby is beautiful. I have to spend a night in ICU to monitor for seizures while I was on Magnesium Sulfate and will hopefully move across to tomorrow in the maternity ward where I'm expected to stay for 4 more days.

In the meantime, my husband has been playing single dad up in the maternity ward and doing a great job with feeds, diapers, and getting to finally hog the baby after I had my chance for 38.5wks. 

Both he and my own mum were the best support partners I could have asked for and I honestly couldn't have done it without them.